3. All sentient people of the nation have the right to fair representation in the nation, regardless of species, age, or place of origin.

As has been highlighted in the first two doctrines, Imperialism promotes only the birth state and oppresses other peoples involuntarily in the expansion of the territorial national entity. This establishes the supremacist doctrines of an empire, which only exists for the power of the original entity of people. An empire may expand without discrimination, but it is, in its very essence, incapable of impartiality. Its only goal is to increase the influence of the governing people of origin, regardless of its desecration of external peoples.

Selectivism knows no favor. Because the nation recognizes the base right to free choice for all sentient peoples within the nation (Truly, the nation could not be a nation as previously defined unless it did just this.), the Selectivist state is superior in national unity, which promotes progress. A nation that is established upon the collective motive thrives, whereas a nation that opposes itself cannot stand.

- Viola Tave