1. The nation is built through allegiances of individual states that accept subservience to the national government under no duress.

Throughout the history of the galaxy, it has been seen that it is the thirst for control under forced circumstances that drives the engine of the Imperialist governments. These governments have perpetually instigated war, xenophobic conduct, and genocide on the most extreme of levels.

Imperialism is centered around the lack of free choice, not only on the individual level, but also on that of its larger entities. Imperialism dictates that territory constitutes a nation and that the people are won when the territory is acquired. This defies the core rights of sentient peoples.

Selectivism aims to expand itself as a national entity through the very unity of individuals that makes a nation truly a society. The sentient people are not won by conquest, but by unity in thought. This is, in essence, the definition of a nation.

- Viola Tave