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"Is it recording yet? Ah, right. Yeah."
There was a sound of a woman clearing her throat, shuffling around uncomfortable. A long, uncomfortable silence followed, then;
"I don't really think I'm the kinda woman to need a holodiary. My memory's good enough. No point in talking 'bout every lil detail of my day, ya know? Still, Someone said I aughta try it. Said it might... I dunno. Help me cope with my loss or something?"
A long sigh could be heard from the recording. Her shrug was almost audible.
"Sweet Stars above... I feel so stupid. What 'm I even doin' now?"
She was mumbling now, awkward.
"Cal, I dunno if yer alive or dead. I look everywhere I go. I even look some places I never thought I'd go, just on the off chance you'd be there. Ya never are. And now I'm sittin' here talkin' to myself cuz you ain't here to talk with me. I... I ain't mad. I know you'd be here if ya could. I jus' wish I knew fer sure, ya know? If yer even alive out there. At least if you weren't I could stop callin' out every time some fella with your haircut walks by. I'd know and I could-"
Another long silence and more shuffling could be heard in the background. Another sigh. The voice that followed was a little clearer this time.
"It's now day three hundred fifty three in standard Galactic time since ya disappeared. I been countin' the days. Every day I look. I ain't stopped since I woke up that mornin' and you were gone. And I ain't plannin' on stoppin'. People talk 'bout you like your body's already been burned. Like yer dead already. I won't. They can call me a widow, Cal, but I ain't gunna stop searchin' 'til I find ya. Alive or dead, I ain't stoppin'."
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