Location: Galidraan

The Rebirth had landed in a wheat field outside of the Galibraan capital just as the fireworks were going off. It must be some hell of a show with troops marching back and forth. The Galidraan's did have something to celebrate after being under the Sith for so long. But celebrations like these also brought hate to those who never left, those normal people who couldn't flee and had to collaborate with the Sith now faced harassment and very possibly violence from those natives returning home. What was for sure is that engineers and other educated men and women needed to be taken off-planet and he needed talented people to help with his brewery and other jobs he did for the local wookies. It benefited both parties and hopefully would prevent more blood from being spilled in the long run.

As soon as he touched down and opened the cargo hatches, the wheat started to move. The stalks moved from side to side as cloaked figures moved desperately through the crops in order to punch their ticket to freedom. Omen came down out of his ship to greet them and usher them aboard when he saw one young woman crying. "Whats wrong..." The woman looked up with red eyes that only spelled out sorrow. "They... They hanged him... They hanged my brother..." It wasn't a surprise to be sure. "Whats was his name young one?" The girl blinked before a name tremored from her lips. "Aldric... Aldric Brand... I... I saw them bloody hang him..." Those imps... They would do anything to kill off any remains of the Sith there were, even the innocent ones who they slapped into confessing. Omen's face turned into a grimance before he answered her. "Let's get on board. I'm sure your brother wouldn't want you to be killed along with him." He then lead her onboard, wanting to spit on the Imps even more than he wanted too before and that... that was saying something.

Tyrell Lockhart