Valashu recently stumbled upon an ancient, yet top tier, slicing Droid. Though originally designed with the intentions of being an information massing unit, it was enhanced, modded, and altered until it was capable of the harshest of hacking examples. At one point, Blue Max, was able to hack some of the most encrypted computers in the galaxies.
This, alongside the AI's made by Zaiden, were examined thoroughly by the surprisingly tech savvy Val. Without even needing the aid of Zaiden to explain how the Mind was crafted, Val was able to denote that originally it had to have been based on the map of neuronic pathways found in a true flesh and blood brain. With the effectiveness found, while being every bit as programmable as a normal droid mind, Valashu confirmed with himself that this would also be the path he would take.
But the idea behind it, though sound, led to many questions. What would his own creation be capable of? Was its purpose strictly that of one being made so he could say he had done so? It didn't meet the standards. So, he planned. It would be perfect if the bot was able to hack, like Max, but have true ability to learn without need of the language of coding.
Journal Entry #1:
Max, always eager like the child he emulates, has agreed to his memory banks being scanned then replicated. With those memories, I needn't program anymore than that. But I still find myself asking, is that it? Do I want nothing more?
Journal Entry #2:
I have found that the Kaminoans already have a few clones that have been flashed to have adequate combat skills; I believe they said it was a Echani that wanted a squadron of men. The clones however, were abandoned, and as of now, are debated upon uses. If I want one, they will give it to me, relatively cheap, so as to keep a profit of course. Gotta love business.
Journal Entry #3
I got one. For little to nothing to! So now I just have to commence with the scans of Max, then I will simply need to sift through the results until I have found only protocols and techniques that are necessary. I'm not looking for any child like tendencies. Max's personality can just stay as his own.
Journal Entry #4
So, after deliberation with Zaiden, as well as some of my staff, I have decided to make the programming capable of wirelessly installing itself into a host. It will make the cables and intrusive tools needed in older models outdated. It will also make the job faster. If a user doesn't have to take the time to help the program upload onto a server, it can be done from a carrier, with less danger to themselves.
Journal Entry #5
I think I might add my own memories to the pool. It came to me last night as I was getting ready for bed. I realized that if it had good enough stealth skills, alongside combat capabilities, it would also pose a better chance of survival - and the completion of a given task.
Journal Entry #6
So I proposed my ideas to the Kaminoans. They agreed. I'm scheduled for a full mental scan tomorrow, then I will only need to help them choose which skills will be included. I'm thinking Bow Fighting, alongside the base archery skills needed to be fluent, and all of the kills I have under my belt. To this day I have never been spotted unless I planned it. That's a great thing to include.
I'm basically making a Kensûrai Droid. Huh. If only father could see this!
Journal Entry #7
I am surprised by the level of extensive slicing abilities that Max has. With ease he can breach up to the absolute most difficult encryptions in just a few moments, and even the hardest only take a bit more time than that! He has coding that I have never even seen before, and that isn't saying much considering that I don't have much knowledge in the field. Sure, I have base hacking skills, but never have I done the kinds of things he has. Its insane.
Anyway, I gathered what I needed. With these memories, I can map the basic skill set that I want. They will be the top tier...
No one will ever see them coming until they are already there.
Journal Entry #8
Ok. It was odd. They put me on this table that extended from a hollowed out metallic tube, like a tunnel I guess. When I was down, they hooked these nodes to almost every inch of my dome. It was... uncomfortable I guess I could say. But in the end, on screen, after the scan, I could watch a computer generated reenactment of my life!
It felt like... a breach of my privacy. Though I asked for it. I didn't think it could be so extensive though!
Anyway, now I have all of my best skills of combat, with those of Max's hacking, and then of course the base that was already flash imprinted into the Echani.
Journal Entry #9
Today I got to see the kid in action.. ok well I can't say kid. Physically she is only a bit younger than myself. Its odd really. Looking at an almost adult body, yet knowing that maturity that could be found in their mannerisms is that of a young child.
That's not the point though.
It was incredible. They put her in front of a computer screen, and in just a few tries, had successfully bested the best of the encryption's that the Kaminoans could provide. Next she was put up against a few droids, told not to be seen, but to reach the deactivation switch found on all of them.
It was nearly flawless. The child would one day be a useful ally, as he now owned her as well!
Journal Entry #10
We began to replication steps today. Her mind was scanned even more thoroughly than my own, down to reactions to stimuli (such as when I asked her what she thought of me, and she replied in an almost flirtatious state). While each neurological action was recorded, it was simultaneously put to code, and drilled into the new program state. In a little over a few hours, she, as that is really how you have to see it, was put into a databank with wireless capabilities.
Journal Entry #11
So. She's done. I dubbed the Program SARRAH, an acronym for Stealth and Rescue/Recon Assassin Hacker. Varash (Ka for Ghost Woman), the young Echani, agreed with the decision.
She has also decided to remain by my side. Its a nice alternative.