Whispers had begun about an old name. One who's name was mostly brought up in history. But who hadn't seen life in many years. Sar Vun. They said that he had a student, one who now was using his name. The name held strength in the hearts of many of the Vran. He was the master of alchemy as far as they were concerned. With his many secrets never being revealed, but still having managed to impact the alchemic knowledge of the Vo Ni even into today. Now this student, who was described as a short man wearing a mask and robes that were lose to disguise movement and shape, having a deep but loud voice. But then at other times a young woman. And again at other times having the wings of a Shgurak. These irregularities only furthered their belief in it being his student. As Sar Vun should not have had the ability to shapeshift, and yet had been said to have done so somehow anyway.

These whisperings were not something that the Vran'Ti Vo Ni, Nexus Krae, wanted to hear. He had willingly submitted to the Eternal Empire to avoid the war, and his own potential danger of life. But Sar Vun had a record of de-throning rules who weren't acting with the interests of the world. And if someone truly was his student, then they could have the power of one of the greatest alchemists at their fingertips. His holocron hadn't been seen in awhile, but access to it was something they knew happened for very few.

They didn't know that the person using the name was just Shavara Warksher. Powerful, and fascinated by Sar Vun's teachings, but hardly the raw talent of alchemy that Sar Vun himself had. And that the threat wasn't this new 'Sar Vun' himself, but rather the people 'he' was gathering. It was hard to hide secrets when you lived in Vran'Ti. The people in charge were mostly telepathic, making lying extremely difficult. Just one slip up could risk revealing yourself, and as a result others. But what would happen if Sar Vun managed to get to one of those Vo Ni, who would be harder for others like them to read, and thus allow an entire area the potential for being protected while secretly working with Sar Vun and to aid the Eclipse Rebellion against the Eternal Empire. They were hardly large enough to commit to war. But as long as they existed, they might be able to get a few of them off planet to help the rebellion.

That was all Shavara could hope for. Put unrest in the ruler of their world, if only they could be rid of him, then the people would instinctively turn against the Eternal Empire and might all desire to have them removed. The danger, was they didn't have the manpower to completely beat them. So their best chance was just to cooperate with the Eclipse Rebellion. And hope that an opportunity would present itself.

Not well written honestly. Mostly just using this to keep record of what Shavara has done so far since I can't do many threads on Vran'Ti itself with her.