(OOC Note: This is a blog article written in the style of the Battle for Democracy holonet show. The IC author is Maerys Cadalthor, who was one of the show's co-hosts, though this writer is using Moira's accounts. All statements in the article are purely IC)).

'Freedom Blog:

The name Circe Savan has again and again made headlines in the galactic media through underhanded dealings and crimes, growing more mendacious by the moment. The Lady Protector Cira put a bounty on her head for allegations of genocide against the peaceful Ewok population and collaboration with the notorious DeathWatch terrorist group. A known peddler of Sith poison, she was a student of the terrorist Velok, genocidal butcher of Rhommamool and Osarian.

Believed to have been slain by Alli Wren years ago, we can now confirm that this criminal is alive and well. Far from repentant for her past misdeeds she aligned herself with the Horde, a savage collection of Vong barbarians who performed genocide on the innocent people of Aurum, putting an entire world to the torch in order to sate their bloodlust. Captured by the Mandalorians and put into prison on Myrkr, she was liberated by the savages. With the Horde absorbed into CIS space her trail was lost, but now she has returned again and added a new crime to her long list: Patent right infringement.

Her company, Subach-Innes, being involved in dirty dealings is no news to the perceptive reader. Why, it was long common knowledge that it manufactured warships for the Sith Empire, creating designs for the likes of Kaine Zambrano, butcher of Togoria and now one of the dark lords who brought terror to Coruscant. Operation 'Weedkiller', undertaken by the CIS and the now defunct Fel Imperium, failed to cut out the rot. The case before us now is a deplorable example of greed and the rapaciousness of one woman who would sink so low to steal the intellectual property of another, more successful and respected company.

Santhe Corporation has charged SI with unlawful sale and production of Invictus E-class Star Destroyer, Nexus E-class starfighter, Arcturus E-class gunship, Havoc E-class bomber, Captivitas E-class cruiser, Beelzebul E-class heavy cruiser, Avarice E-class carrier, Deimos E-class picket corvette, Dalek E-class picket carrier, Sentinel E-class picket carrier, Neutralizer-class bomber, as well as the usage of Twin Ion Engine Technology on the TIE Agitator and the TIE Bow Fighter. All these E-class productions are copies of patents owned exclusively by Santhe Corporation.

Upon being notified of this by Santhe's legal representative, SI CEO Circe Savan attempted to mask her fraud by claiming it was justified under a bogus law called the Customised Starship Act, showing her disrespect for the law by not only claiming she was protected by a legislation that does not exist, but also by publicly revealing herself as if she believed that actions would not incur consequences. SI purchased old Santhe ships, stripped some of them of components and reused them in ships marketed as their own. They are mass producing military-grade vessels that are Santhe designs in all but name. A paint job a new vessel does not make. Laws exist to protect patents of their owners, but also the work of millions of employees of a company who work tirelessly to produce quality products. Moreover, SI stands accused of the unauthorised reproduction of Santhe technology, namely the Twin Ion Engine.

This represents a classic case of the First Sales doctrine, which protects your right to sell and resell your property. As a matter of fact, what Ms. Savan has committed is nothing less than criminal theft. Not only that, but reliable sources inform us that her paramour - the latest in a very long string - Alicia Drey tried to invite Ms. Sasha Santhe, Majority Shareholder of Santhe Corporation, to a private 'Gathering'.

A gathering for what purpose, we may ask? Here at Freedom Blog we strive to be fair and unbiased, rather than jumping to conclusions and delivering hasty judgement. But in the light of Savan's reputation, her affiliation with Sith Lords and Vong butchers, can we really avoid being suspicious and assume the worst of her motives? We cannot help but suspect a trap. After all, Ms Savan never recanted her Sith leanings and we know how their kind reacts whenever they are called out for their criminal dealings.

This woman is wanted by several governments for heinous crimes. We should remember that, as was discovered during Operation Weedkiller, SI was willing to set its own factories ablaze and take the lives of countless innocents merely out of spite, showing a complete disregard for corporate social responsibility and basic humanity. Santhe has already reached out to galactic governments seeking support for an embargo on Subach-Innes products. It goes without saying that the case is for the courts to decide but, whatever our thoughts on Santhe may be, we can only conclude that they have right on their side.

Maerys Cadalthor'