Following an emergency session of the Senate and subsequent external circumstances, the government of the Imperial Confederated Systems of the Core Worlds has ascertained the necessity of special legislation regarding the legal status of foreign governments inhabiting the Core regions of the Galaxy.
This decree is to be ratified immediately and further expanded upon following the conclusion of the ongoing conflict with the United Clans of Mandalore; however, for the time being, any violations of the following components by foreign governments administrated outside of the Core will be viewed as the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the Imperial Confederation:
  • Military and political actions taken against Core governments without preceding provocation.
  • Expansion and colonization of star systems within the Core and the Deep Core.
  • Blockades and embargoes leveled against Core governments involving the Hydian Way, Daragon Trail, Corellian Run, Parlemian Trade Route and Corellian Trade Spine
The government of the Imperial Confederation hopes that this resolution will lead to a new era of peace in the Core and permit the reconstruction efforts after the ending engagements of the Great Galactic War to continue undisturbed, and that it will permit the growth of further diplomatic ties and cultural understanding between the governments inhabiting the Core Worlds, as well as their continuing right of self-determination.