In most feudal societies, a kingdom is ruled by one family that passes down their crown through the generations. While there might be some changes here and there, an uprising, a murder plot, even complete regicide, the central family is still the core of any claims on the throne. On Talravin, those days are long since passed. Since the overthrow of the Payne Kings thousands upon thousands of years ago, the world has been ruled by a Queen. Unlike Naboo, who democratically elect their Queen, the Talravani still believe in bloodlines, and succession passes along one central bloodline: that of Queen Salla the Fruitful.
Queen Salla of the House Arwyn was the first Queen after the tyrant Payne kings, when the queendom was first established, 20,000 years ago. House Arwyn had led the rebellion against the Paynes, and it is said that it was Salla's daughter that thrust their family sword into the King's heart. Queen Salla was crowned soon afterward, and ruled long. Her husbands, however, did not. Queen Salla had thirty six husbands during her reign, and had a child by each. Each husband was of a different House, as she attempted to build alliances with her subjects and bannerwomen. While this may have worked during her present time, it has done naught but create complications since.
What this means is that there are thirty six Houses on Talravin that have a legitimate claim on the throne. These are known as the Royal Houses. In order of claim from strongest to weakest, they are as follows:
1) Arwyn
2) Lorraine
3) Varos
4) Rousseau
5) Pharrest
6) Phyre
7) Brander
8) Wyne
9) Wynch
10) Lychester
11) Aerin
12) Bluebird
13) Stormtail
14) Wyl
15) Haerd
16) Cargyll
17) Thaller
18) Oakwood
19) Belyea
20) Chandyll
21) Monteil
22) Kidwell
23) Manaudou
24) Vallotton
25) Bayle
26) Vance
27) Frosher
28) Redwing
29) Bousquet
30) Pravost
31) Lahaye
32) Perryn
33) Monteil
34) Waller
35) Salver
36) Blackdower
These bloodlines do not even account for Bastard Houses, which number in the hundreds, and are descended from the Royal Houses bastards. As one can imagine, this makes the matter of succession rather. . . difficult. With so many Houses with claims, the throne does not always pass to the current Queen's heir. Most often, it passes to another Lady that has gathered enough support behind her through threats, bribes, or conquest. Though House Arwyn currently controls the crown once more, several factions gather to support their own heirs, from the lions of Lorraine to the Blue Rose in exile.