Sure, there are a lot of times to do things and complain. Y'know, if you get rear ended while stopping at a legal red light. If you are working on a group project and other people don't pull their weight. If... I don't know, you go to the dentist for a cleaning and leave without your spleen.
Those are good reasons to complain.
Someone jumping into an OPEN PUBLIC THREAD designed to be as open and welcoming as the faction that is technically in charge of the thread, and them throwing off a balance on some game that really has a predetermined outcome?
Not so much.
Be like BB-8
Look at this adorable mother frakker. He couldn't control the way the situation was going, but did he scream and cry like a child? No.
He rolled with it.
Thank you Star Wars, for making the mascot of how life should be taken, just keep on rolling.