"...I am not asking Jedi to step out of direct orders, but please, consider that the Maw will continue their onslaught if they are not stopped. This is where and when we make our stand.

For Light and Life,

Master Starchaser."

On Kashyyyk, the weary Jedi Master had concluded his business with the Silver Council, and had been busy gathering his personal effects from his quarters when the holo-communication was routed his way. Technically addressed to members of the Council, from which he had formally retired mere hours ago, Thurion presumed they had yet to update his status. Initially ignoring the call, the incessant beeping signaling an incoming message drew him away from his packing. His finger hovered above the Dismiss button, but his strong sense of duty compelled him to instead accept the call.

Perhaps influenced by the Force to do so.

None other than his old friend Coren Starchaser appeared, delivering his pre-recorded message. A call for aid. Tython.

The message concluded, Starchaser's hologram flickering off. Thurion was left standing there, hunched over his office desk with a heavy sigh. A smile forming on his lips, he shook his head. "May all the gods curse you, Chaser of Stars..." Right there and then he knew he could not refuse the call to arms. Tython was the birthplace of all Jedi. To his people, nothing is as dear to you as your homeland. Always he'd been torn in two, split between being a Jedi and being true to his nature as a Valkyri. Having attempted to retire the former in favour of the latter, it would seem fate demanded one last sacrifice from the venerable Master.

After a moment to think, he decided to place a call home.

"Hey you," the sound of his wife's voice filled him with comfort. "How'd they take the news?"

"Hello dear," he replied fondly. "Oh, there were tearful goodbyes and bids for me to stay aplenty. 'Please don't go, we'll do anything', that sort of thing." Coci snorted, rolling her eyes. "I bet they did." Thurion chuckled, but then hung his head. His wife noticed the shift in emotion, if only visually. "You okay, hon? What's the matter, regretting it already?"

He shook his head. "No no, it's not that... Got a call from Coren. Something is afoot on Tython. You know he wouldn't call if it wasn't--"

"Important. No, he would not." There was a hint of defeat in Coci's voice, knowing her husband far too well. "Should I come and join you? I could bring your equipment--" But Thurion was quick to deny her offer. "No. I need you to hold down the fort back home until my return. This is not a fight for the King of Midvinter, but for a Jedi..." He glanced down at the lightsaber at his side. His oldest and truest companion.

"...and I have everything I need, right here. One last ride, and then we'll have all the time in the world, my love. I swear it."