History, so oft we forget to write it down that knowledge is lost forever. I, Macharius Solaire, shall endeavor to write down my own briefly. Concerning the last seven years of my life. Roughly chronicling my venture into politics on Denon, and with greater authorities in my rise to power.
This blog is not for public knowledge past what would obviously be on public record. It is intended to give the reader a lighter summery of Macharius' beginnings, political career, his character and will lead at last to the present day to wrap up a chapter arc.
I hope that anyone who does read this series will enjoy it. I don't consider myself a great writer like so many here are. I will of course do my best. Now let us continue.

My forty-seventh year, after exiting the military I chose to not only build a business, but also take to the political stage. Our parliamentary system is vast, bureaucratic and not to lie, daunting to enter. You need to be respected, well funded and ruthless in hopes of winning an election. Billions need to vote for you to take your district. I of course had all three with me, an honorable military career and the ancient family name of house Solaire. A political parties coffers and backing, along with other allies to pave my way through the campaign with credits and assistance. Lastly of course, myself. Having all I needed to accomplish getting elected; I went on the campaign trail. Political rallies and conferences. Talking to the media. Forming a plan against your opponents attacks or strategizing your own. The whole shebang. I accomplished this task in the end. Winning my seat by four-hundred thousand seven-hundred and fifteen votes. By the skin of my teeth if you can believe it. I had made the first great step and landed on solid ground. It would not be too long before I started exerting my influence to elevate myself even further in the political machine of Denon.
When one is Elected to the House of Commons, which is like Denon's ruling governmental body. Like The Republic's Senate in operation for those who don't know it specifically. You're really a nobody most of the time. Sitting on the back bench. You're not in a ministerial position, or on commodities. You're just a representative of your district who votes on bills that the party is attempting to pass, or against the oppositions if they come up for vote. For the most part anyways. I wasn't sitting idle of course. Making friends with my fellow MP's while learning the ropes. I took to it like marching. Things are procedural in The House unless things get heated. Not good for getting things done but it can break up a dull session. I took to the task though like I did as an officer. Professionally and accurately.
Now it took just over a year for me to finally... catch something big. My break to a higher position. A story I will continue in part two of my rise to power.