Rianna -
Where did she come from. She is perhaps my favorite character, she was the first. I've written her for so long that I fall into her mindset just by getting a cup of tea.
Her name, I wanted something that said Star Wars an iconic name like Organa. Can't miss right. But the name, something pretty, dug out the names for baby girls and found Rianna.
Rianna Organa is born.
Rianna started out as the epitome of the Old Order. Do your job. Say your prayers. Show no emotion, think logically, and do not by any means get attached. That worked for a long time. Then the trend started, every Jedi had a love interest.
Ok..I remember the first character that kissed Rianna, needless to say when it happened I as the writer was actually shocked, and didn't know what to write about it. I eventually did since I hate leaving stories untold. The other writer never replied after I made the post. I guess I'm obsessive like that, can't leave a post unanswered.
Rianna needed a niche though, something that she could be good at, and that I could write or at least research and be able to write to. I tend to do that, I want it to be believeable so I look up articles and read so that when I write it makes sense. No hand waved in.
Slowly she become Rianna, the Jedi Healer. And It worked!
I remember in the course of writing someone said to me, "I think you should change the name of your galaxy to Circle of Healers" and then they linked me to what that meant. I wish I could remember who that was they put Rianna on a path that has led to many great stories. That has been Rianna's niche ever since, she was a healer, and usually lead the Circle.
That was 2004, and that was when I started to notice other changes in writing. The development of not just the unique character, but of items, the expansion of Star Wars. Some of the ideas were quite unique, I remember reading a character that was patterned after Mother Nature. And now we have the Shapers of Kro Var.
I read Master Popo's bio the other day, and to be honest I did not know that he was a carryover from another genre. So who knows maybe that genre will become the next Shapers of Kro Var.
Here on Chaos and over at TGC she changed or evolved from the traditional Jedi, she's married, children, and willing to allow herself to let the emotions show as opposed to holding them tightly.
I'm looking forward to the next phase, and yes Chris G, I do have it planned in my head. It's just how I'm wired to work my ideas.