To our dearest Tetan citizens,
This has been a turbulent century for us all - escaping from the cold grasp of the Gulag Plague only to be delivered into a war between the Jedi and the Sith and their allies for the last several decades. Our people have been harrowed by the invasions of the likes of Mandalorians and Jedi, by the occupation of the Sith, the dropping of behemoth creatures and devastating bombs over our capital, and the oppression of our very way of life by an Alliance that believed their ideology was not only correct but also absolute. For too long our passivity has enabled those that believed themselves our betters to trample on our worlds, to dictate how we must live and who we must align ourselves with.
History has known us to be a resourceful, space-faring, people - the founders of the Hyperspace Navigator's Guild itself. We have given much to this galaxy through our documentation of the risks and dangers of the many hyperspace routes traveled by the people of this galaxy for thousands of years, and our people have immortalized the names of those that have lost their lives on the Monument to Lost Navigators - names that have been conveniently forgotten by those foreign powers that have raided the core to exploit our people and our system for their own gain.
Today we strive to change - not only to stand up against the powers in the galaxy that wish to take even more from us, but to strive towards greater heights. Citizens living on Teta and those of Phoros and beyond will enjoy a future that I promise will bring prosperity to our people, an era of expansion and growth. I have retaken the throne, and reclaimed my title as the Empress of Teta, to liberate our people from the narrow-minded view of those that had supported the Galactic Alliance and its persecution of Tetan tradition.
I invite each and every one of you to walk this journey with me, not only as as citizens of our proud and culturally affluent system, but as members of a reunified Krath poised to expand and take from the galaxy that which it owes us.
Your Empress,