There are so many things that have changed.

Or maybe they haven't changed? Maybe I just see them differently now?

The mandalorians have lost their way. We used to pride ourselves on having nothing, on surviving with only what we had on our backs. War with the sith has forced us to upgrade, to change the way we fight. We have held our ground time and time again but is that enough?

We've become too comfortable.

Can I say we? Am I even one of them any more?

I stand by and watch them, observe them as if I am an aruetti, not as I am a mando'ade.

Too long they've sat idle. Too long they have been content to simply fend off those who intrude upon their borders. The first attempt to stretch out and they loose a leader, and the next person in the chain of command leaves the battlefield. This is not what we are. That is not what they are meant to be. We have lost our way. Perhaps we need to loose more before we begin to realize just how soft we've become.

Perhaps I need to find my own way again.