((OOC: Set shortly after Elpsis' duel with Matsu Xiangu in the Gree invasion.))
I hate hospitals. Maybe it's because I spend a lot of time in them. Mum jokes about me following in Mother's footsteps a bit too well. Well...I just lost an arm, so maybe there's merit to that. On the bright side, I can hear things again. Folks left cards. Some were thoughtful enough to write them in braille.
I feel tired. Exhaustion is not allowed to have its way, because I feel her approach. I hear her before I see her through the Force. The tap tap of her cane on the floor creates a rhythm of its own. I hear her say some words to a nurse outside, then she stands above you.
"Hello, mother. You look...great. I'd hug you...but I only got one arm and you don't like hugs from me." I make an effort to give her a wave. My hand moves way too slowly. I imagine her glaring at me. I'm positive I can feel the glare.
Siobhan Kerrigan does not understand the meaning of humour. Coming from me, at least. "Do act less childish, will you? I see your latest adventures took a toll on you," she remarks. She's got the High Basic clipped, posh tone down pat. There is a pause. Before I can say something, she adds, "I am glad you made it out alive."
"You are?" Alright, that is probably unfair. But while Mother is stern...she is not loveable. Seems to resent my existence in the family. I guess it's because of the other kids. Ran off, turned traitor, went insane. Maybe she's just a bitter grump. Or because I'm the one who's burning Sith. It takes me a moment to realise that I actually blurted this out. Awkward.
"Yes." Oh, now she is really annoyed. "You are my daughter, after all. Even though you do your best to irritate me, shirk responsibility and do not live up to your potential." And I was just about to start liking you, mother.
"Set your psycho girlfriend on fire, how's that for living up to my potential?" I sense confusion. "The one and only Matsu Xiangu. Necromancer Queen? Small lady, packs a huge punch. Ring a bell? You two wrecked a town once."
"You fought her - again," then she reached out and examines my face. The part that is not a mess. It's...weird to see her being tender. "She did this to you." Probably means the lost arm. I feel like I have to start measuring my life in significant maimings.
"Yeah. But, hey, all you need to do is glue a fresh one to my shoulder. And I gave as good as I got. Paid the debt. Set her on fire, roasted her lung. She was...pissed." We were both a complete mess at the end of it. Any goon with a gun could have killed me. Luckily, Natalie was there to drag me away. "Following in your footsteps, Mother. Battling bad guys, getting maimed, landing in hospital."
"You did well."
"Wait...you're prasing me? Are you a shapeshifter? A pod person? And what did you do with my real mother?"
A sigh of pure frustration. "Would it kill you to show some maturity? I am trying to have a serious conversation. You showed bravery and skill in battle and I respect that. She is a very dangerous foe," she huffs.
"Alright, I'm sorry...just joking around. I am, uh, glad you're proud of me. Put your lessons to good use." By cauterising wounds, among other things. Mother made me do that after stabbing me with a vibroblade. Mother's training methods are an OSHA nightmare.
"Now you just need to apply the lessons that do not revolve around the battlefield. Medical should have a cloned arm for you in a couple months." Another pause. "Whilst I'm here, I might as well inform you. After a long period of consideration, Tegaea and I have reached an important decision. It will impact you significantly."
"You're adopting someone else? Wait, you two aren't...breaking up right? Please, you can't break up. If there's something..."
"Be quiet and listen," she snaps, voice like the crack of a whip. She'd love that analogy. "No, we are not breaking up and I am not adopting anyone. In the light of how...poorly things went with your predecessors and the dedication and loyalty you've displayed, we've decided to alter our will and make you majority heiress of House Kerrigan-Alcori."
What?! Oh. Damn.
Before I can say anything, she continues. "This will not alter your status in the Company in any way. You will work your way up just like every employee and be rewarded or penalised based on merit. Nor will you be able to spend our money willy-nilly."
"Look, I get it. I'm the...Fire Princess. But I gotta work for it. Mother...I wouldn't have it any other way, ok? I came from nothing. I just want to be judged on what I do, good and bad. I don't even care about the money. I'm a bit...overwhelmed. Being heiress, is, well...why me? Because I'm the last one standing. Why not...Tempest?"
"Because you're my daughter."
"So are Adril and Livia. Sort of."
"They're children. Children I will raise and educate personally, but children nonetheless. I will not leave my legacy to chance. You've been the cause of much frustration on my part. You've wasted much of your life aimlessly adventuring without a care in the world. But you've always been on the spot when it mattered. Others have come and gone, you stayed. Others have succumbed to cowardice and betrayal, you stayed and fought."
"I...uh...well, I'm honoured, Mother. I promise I won't let you down, Mother."
"It's not an honour, it's a responsibility. There are certain expectations you will have to meet. Once you've been discharged from hospital, you will be enrolled in the Firemane Academy as an Officer Cadet. You have served. It is time for you to leave your comfort zone, learn to lead and understand what Masterhood truly means."
It's cute how you try to be nice...while still being as stern as usual. Anyhow, I nod. "Ok, I'll join the Academy. I'll be part of the Company. I'll visit you as soon as I'm out."
"Good. We're the last Kerrigans, Elpsis. You, Adril, Livia, me. The last ones who count. But Kerrigans are people of a special cut. Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it." Then she turns around and leaves.