Even though the first invasion of Christophsis mostly flew under the galactic radar, due to the limited amount of civilian casualties and collateral damage caused (concentrated around the headquarters area), the second invasion of Christophsis caused galaxy-wide outrage directed at the Black Tie Syndicate, led by Miss Blonde and the contingent also including a few Sith, due to the damage wrought by the second incursion, which is far greater than the first incursion.
"I hereby announce that thousands of surplus security droids, bought from the Gunray Facility surpluses, as well as 60 million credits' worth of construction materials, will be pledged for rebuilding Christophsis, alongside several defensive batteries of Morcus heavy proton torpedoes, turbolaser emplacements, several squadrons of main battle tanks, bombers and gunships, and also heavy machineguns: deliveries are to begin immediately"
As for Jessica's involvement in the raids, she had the following statement to make:
"The first raid occurred because I was manipulated by the commander that did the actual bombing. Plus the targets of the first raid were mostly military bases, with a few defensive emplacements also being targeted. It was Boramir's idea to target military bases in an attempt to prevent a protracted campaign. Despite that, I am not blameless in these attacks: I accept that I still have some responsibility. Even though a significant amount of damage has been dealt to the Black Tie Syndicate, a galaxy-spanning crime syndicate, during the second raid, I acknowledge that excessive amounts of force have been used in both instances. If it was to be done all over again, there would not even have been a raid in the first place. Nevertheless the Black Tie Syndicate shall pay for their crimes - and these reparations are but one installment for the price I'm about to pay for mine"