My second creation. I needed a name. How she got her name came out of my writing a book, or trying to write one. My brother and I were trying to write a Star Trek book, a sequel to the first movie where Ilia and Will become a new species. The character I focused on was a female I needed a name that talked about light.
Rekha is Sanskrit for light.
When I went to create my new SW character who was to be this sassy hard flirty female she became Rekha. Rekha has gone through many changes the biggest came at understanding she did not have to face the galaxy alone. It is still hard for her to ask for help. Admit vulnerabilities, and trust.
Her heart is her most fragile no matter how tough she acts she protects her heart for fear that one day it will shatter.
But she loves adventure, New things. Bespin gives her the chance to ride thranta now she rides daily and wants to be the best at it. She also shares the things she enjoys. She enjoys riding a thranta so now she wants to share that with everyone if you go to Bespin she will work it that you go.
Her generosity is excessive. Need shoes you get the ones on her feet plus the ones in her closet.
Like Stella from Silverado she loves the smell of a good bar, she has a place on Coruscant that she had to leave The Lucky Lady, Rekha identifies with this name. She is the lucky lady. But when the Sith came she had to leave the bar behind. Her ship is even called The Midnight Star. She could be a brown coat.
She's has had to start over. Her sarcasm and wit will get her through. She is perhaps one of my most fun characters to write with her devil May care attitude. Flirtatious grin and drive to do the right thing.
So to fly by your pants Rekha is the character to encounter