Name: Reinhard von Brandt
Loyalties: Galactic Republic
Role: Sofia's love interest
Development Threads: N/A
Age: 24
Species: Human
Force Sensitivity: Unknown
Appearance: [Piercing ice blue eyes.
Personality: Serious and mature but can be childish at times to people close to him,
Weapon of Choice: [Military blaster rifle? Toy lightsabre? Bioweapons? Wits? The Force?]
Wealth: Family fortune - very rich
Combat Function: [Combat is difficult to avoid -- after all, this is Chaos. Should your NPC wind up in combat, what would they be good at? How would they work alongside you, or would they be a liability? Please include relevant strengths and weaknesses. The Combat Function line also helps assure us that you won't be abusing this NPC. For very powerful NPCs, please keep it reasonable, and remember that an NPC Force Master or elite soldier cannot be assumed to be equal to a PC Force Master or elite soldier in power, skill, or functional immortality.]
Skills: [For Force users if they have any special abilities that are rare list them here. If they are skilled with a blade, for Non Force users have they been trained by special groups?]
Notable Possessions: [Again, please be reasonable. No holocrons of Force Storm, no private Super Star Destroyers, no canon items unless you've worked for them.]
Other Notes:
Ranks held: Earl, Vice Admiral of the GR navy.
Intent: [State why you are making this submission. Is the character there to assist with faction roleplays, to help train your character, or provide an antagonist for dominions or something else entirely?]