Those words haunted him. Like acid to his soul, the stinging sensation turning into blistering agony as he felt his body tear away from existence. He would be alone here for a very long time, and there wasn't going to be any rescue party. Nobody would be able to look for him, and he was cursed to endure. This was his life, to be forever tested and mangled by the depths of the incomprehensible. Without rhyme nor reason, the void calls out to Grey - clawing at him from the other side of the thin veil that separates the unknowable horror and the already shaken state of the galaxy.

These transitions weren't especially long, at least not to those existing only within real space. To Grey those few minutes drag on to be hours - a day or two; when he awoke, it felt cold and wet, he struggled to stand for a moment before hearing something moving around in the fog surrounding him. An awful scream erupted from elsewhere, the ripping of flesh made audible as more movement shifted along the ground.

It had begun.

With a sigh and his cybernetic arm resting on the grip of his slugthrower, Grey slowly moved forward through the clouds of filth. Erratic thumping and dragging nearing closer as Grey eventually happened upon a twisted abomination seemingly trying to end its own miserable life... if one could call it that. Its head lifted up and swung down hard against the tainted yellow ground which almost resembled bone. Crimson splattered outward as it then began to groan in pain, lifting up its already caved in face once more to repeat the process.

"Suck to be home..." Grey mumbled.