Valette Puritis Yumia had her plate practically overflowing with things to attend to. With war on the horizon it was vital that the people of Ord Providence were represented to the utmost of her ability. They were eager to prove themselves, already preparing to jump into the honorable status of a resource rich planet with a generous disposition. That wasn't what brought her to Coruscant today, however. It was instead the discovery of a young girl, one who looked very much like one of the members of their elder council, a woman named Lunara. Some foul plot had seen her infant daughter whisked away, but now DNA analysis seemed to indicate that the girl had found her way back to the Galactic Alliance.

Unfortunately this was not a case in which Yumia was looking forward to delivering the news to the girl. Still, the senator arrived at the Senate building, where an office had been prepared for her to meet with the child.

Stepping in made the poor thing's situation very apparent. Her body was covered in gruesome scars, her legs replaced with prosthetics. Had it not been for her hood, the girl would have seen a rather somber expression on the face of Ord Providence's representative. The girl seemed rather timid. Relaying this news was going to hurt Yumia a lot more than she had initially realized.

She even had wings, just like Elder Lunara.

"Loomi, correct?" the senator began. She continued after receiving a meek nod. "Senator Yumia. It's... a pleasure to finally meet you."

The girl shifted in her seat nervously, her hands tucked between her knees.

"So..." Loomi frowned, "Wh-why am I here?"

"Well," Yumia continued, "Based upon the genetic analysis we did, we... managed to match your DNA up with that of a missing child. It is our belief that you may very well be the daughter of one of our Elders."

It just got worse. Her eye filled with so much hope, an excitement reserved for once-in-a-lifetime occurrences, child like wonder which could only ever be produced on rare occasions. It was a shame then that Yumia was really here to quash that joy. It made her stomach turn, even when her posture denied such a reaction.

"R-really!?" the girl asked in disbelief. "Do I... do I get to meet them?"

Yumia let out a sigh.

"I'm afraid... circumstances are far more complicated than you would be familiar with," the young woman answered. "As a member of our council, Elder Lunara has taken a vow of isolation. To be a High One, one must cut off contact with the lower realm. To interact with anyone else in the flesh would sever a holy connection, making one unable to fulfill their role. She is... unable to meet with you because of this reason."

The poor girl hardly seemed to be processing what was being told to her. It was tragic, really. Yumia's heart broke for her, but ultimately they all had their rolls to fulfill. Loomi had been taken from her people and removed from their position of birth. Ritually speaking she didn't even have a cast, but that was a matter far too upsetting for the senator to even think about relaying to the girl. She procured a coin from her robes, more accurately a marker baring a crest. A stag beetle was present on it, plastered over the visage of a shield.

"She wanted you to have this, at least," Yumia noted, placing it on the nearby table. "Its her family crest. Elder Lunara hoped it may be able to bring you some form of connection, if only spiritually."

"I... I don't understand," Loomi pouted in confusion.

"I know," the senator assured, lamenting the present situation. "I... wish there was more I could do, but I'm afraid that this is beyond my reach. I suggest you seek council with your Jedi Order. I hope their expertise is far more comforting than my own."

An attendant came in, tapping on Yumia's shoulder. She was due for another appointment. It seemed that yet again her day was getting away from her. She turned back to Loomi, giving a sympathetic tilt of her head. Unfortunately it wasn't translated very well to action. Her face was still hidden beneath a hood after all.

"I'm sorry, little one," she apologized. "You'll be in my thoughts. May the Goddess watch over you."

And with that she was gone, leaving Loomi alone. The girl frowned, picking up the crest from the table next to her.

She came from somewhere. That should've been reassuring, yet here she couldn't help but feel that everything had gotten worse. It was better to have no home than to have a home you couldn't go back to. Loomi didn't really have a mother at all. Not really. It hadn't helped that the senator really didn't stick around to explain anything at all. High Ones? Goddess? She had no reference for any of it. One thing did remain clear, a truth that ate away at her very soul.

Loomi didn't have a home, not one that wanted her. All she had was the Jedi now.

After a few more minutes, a sobbing girl would be escorted out of the senate building.