A lightsaber.
A tool, a weapon for an age that had started long ago. Its power unrivaled. There were not a lot of things that could trump a lightsaber and the skilled user behind the weapon. Wars were lost and won upon the cylinder blade that was created from the weapon. However, it puzzled me on the function. How this weapon came into being? Looking through many libraries, I had come to discover that the lightsaber was once called the Force saber. Created by the Rakatans long ago, a race of beings that was bent on cultivating the entire galaxy for their use. Their hunters, their force sensitive slaves used this weapon. It was powerful, and could cut through metals that the Force-imbude sword could not.
Thus, many began to find and or create these weapons. However, it used the Dark side of the force to use a versatile, and deadly weapon. It evolved into the Protosaber. A lightsaber with a battery pack. It was not as powerful as the Forcesaber, nor as light as it. However, it was still used by those who did not want to be corrupted by the dark side of the force.
Now is where I start to see the lightsaber. Directly taken from the article on the lightsaber, I began to read.
"The typical lightsaber hilt consisted of a metal cylinder between twenty-four and thirty centimeters in length. However, the size of individuals hilts varied drastically, as the weapon was tailored to the creator's specific needs and preferences. The hilt had a pommel cap at the bottom which sometimes held a backup power cell. The lightsaber mechanisms were contained within the hilt. High levels of energy generated by a high-output Diatium power cell was unleashed through a series of focusing lenses and energizers that converted the energy into plasma. The plasma was projected through a set of lightsaber crystals that lent the blade its properties and allowed for the adjustment of blade length and power output. The ideal number of crystals was three, though only one was required. A power insulator was installed on the hilt to protect the wielder from any energy discharges. Activating the lightsaber usually required a button of some sort. A blade power adjustment knob was sometimes installed to allow the wielder to vary the power of the blade. A discharge energy cell could also be installed to increase a lightsaber's power output."
Alright, so the lightsaber's crystal acted as a battery, while the different components of the lightsaber's circuitry would allow for the use of the lightsaber. But now as I began to read on, My mind started to think harder and harder about this.
"Once focused by the crystals, the plasma was sent through a series of field energizers and modulation circuitry within the emitter matrix that further focused it, making it into a coherent beam of energy that was projected from the blade emitter. The blade typically extended about a meter before being arced by the blade containment field back to a negatively charged fissure ringing the emitter, where it was channeled back to the power cell by a superconductor, completing the circuit. This containment field also caused the blades to make contact with other lightsabers blades without passing through like other forms of energy. This trait is seen when lightsaber wielders can block and parry other lightsaber blades."
This got me thinking. What if....
Taking this, I looked from the datapad to a blaster that was sitting next to me, and thus, I began my task in creating a new weapon.