Image Source: http://david-sladek.deviantart.com/art/Defense-Drone-concepts-407797952
Intent: Create a new and improved Droid for Rogueworks
Development Thread: Raiders of the Lost Droid
Manufacturer: Rogueworks Drives
Model: Rogueworks 1
Affiliation: Limited Market
Modularity: Armaments & carried equipment
Production: Mass-Produced
Material:Classification: IV
Weight: 80kg
Height: 2m
Movement: Bi-Ped
  • Capable of holding a weapon in each hand
  • Wrist compartment contains room for standard wrist modules
  • - Wrist Blaster (*)
  • - Wrist Rocket (*) (Very Limited Ammunition *)
Misc. Equipment:
  • Equipped with language and dialect translator
  • Advanced targeting sensors
  • Advanced encrypted communications array
  • Highly advanced mobility joints to allow acrobatic maneuvers, similar to assassin droids
  • Reinforced armor to protect from light to moderate explosives
  • Density Projector
- System Hardware:Description: The R1 Battle Droid is a custom model from Rogueworks, stepping away from the remakes and salvaging of older bots. Truly a new schematic and design from original concepts, the R1 is the answer to the UUD-1's poor combat effectiveness, while looking at older droid models for a strong and efficient battle droid to serve as Security or Warfare. This droid is not for labor work; it is highly dangerous and built for war. Its design is derived from older models of droids with combat effectiveness with mobility, protection, and tactical thinking. They can fight just as effectively as any soldier, taking cover, charging, aiming and everything inbetween. The different model types only effect their designated roles; Sniper models have increased sight range/zoom, along with programming for better aiming at moving targets; Front line Battle Droids have a large peripheral area to view; scouts have similar range to a sniper, but aren't programmed for a sniper rifle; and the Demolition model carries extra amunition, along with advanced targeting on moving targets.
Primary Source: N/A