This blog will primarily function as a repository for image work and for Factory submissions. I have decided I wanted a place where all could view my photoshop work that I've been doing for various groups at SWRP: Chaos. And, if you like you may request something via this blog. Keep in mind: I am reteaching myself photoshop after several years, so I can't do overly complicated things.

My current focus is Campaign ribbons and service medals. I have done some for both the Mandalorian and Silver Jedi Order. I started the Ribbon Project, because I wanted to have a visual way to show what each character has been doing through the course of their life here at Chaos. I think that it's really neat to see what types of threads one has been involved in. Especially because each person has a different character type and writing style. No too people are the same in that respect.

To sum up: People like shiny things; and I like helping people display their accomplishments. So, come ask me for your shinies :D