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[background=[b]NAME:[/b] Pror Vhe'viin
FACTION: Clan Vhe'viin
RANK: Alor, Clan Leader
SPECIES: Trandoshan/Barabel
AGE: 25 Years Standard
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6' 7''
WEIGHT: 240 lbs
EYES: Right Hazel, left Green
HAIR: No hair.
SKIN: Greenish Gray coloring

[background=[b]STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES:[/b]
+ Endurance: Due to a hard lifestyle and his Trandoshan heritage, Pror has developed endurance beyond what most would deem natural. His physical endurance and mental fortitude have led him through many struggles and difficult hunts. He has earned the informal title of "Ruus" among Clan Vhe'viin. Pror, while technically younger than some of the clan is considered an elder due to his vast array of experiences in addition to his species' relatively quick maturation rate.
+ Tempered: Spending much time on his own, he was adopted by the Clan at a young age. Being exposed to the Mandalorian culture as a young Trandoshan, he found it easy to conform. Clan Vhe'viin, much like his own Trandoshan culture thrived when on the hunt. He quickly rose to the top of their clan, establishing himself as their most talented hunter. As a result of his early adoption into the clan, he has become tempered and wise in comparison to his Trandoshan kin, who are often times consumed by the hunt. While Pror appreciates the hunt, he realizes life is much more complex.
+ Avid Hunter: Due to his natural affinity for the hunt, he has developed his skills past that of even lifelong hunters. He has used this knowledge to teach Clan Vhe'viin combat tactics as well as leading their clan in hunts to teach the children. With such a wellspring of knowledge, those of Clan Vhe'viin have learned much. It has also endowed Pror with patience in many aspects of life as a hunter cannot be impatient.
+/- Sacrificial: In Pror's eyes, he owes everything he is to the Clan, adopting him even as a Trandoshan. This has caused him to give willingly all the knowledge and resources he has. While this can be an excellent thing in a leader, it can also be a hazard as he is willing to risk much of it means the safety or betterment of Clan Vhe'viin.
+/- Stubborn: While Pror has been tempered greatly since his first inception to the clan, he is stubborn when it comes to dealing with other clans and outsiders. He is wiling to concede to more logical ideas than his own, however if he is not convinced, he can be very hard to sway away from what he deems the logical choice, even moreso when it involves the safety or interests of the clan.
- Language Barrier: While Pror is capable of speaking limited basic, he relies heavily on a translator device due to the difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds given his Trandoshan anatomy. This can create difficult barriers to traverse if faced with either a different language than Basic or Trandoshan (Though he can speak Mandalorian passably), or if his translator is disabled.
- Limited Emotional Context: Pror, being naturally less outwardly emotional, has trouble empathizing with others. He understands the concepts of family and loss, however he does not feel such emotions. He instead looks at things from a very emotionless and cold view, allowing him to do great in matters of strategy and administration however in dealing with the emotional needs of his Clan, he defers to the elder clansmen as his capacity for displaying emotion is severely limited.
- Alien Anatomy: Due to his Trandoshan anatomy, knowledge of healing practices and standard first aid do not apply across the board as most humanoid species. A wound to Pror that normally among his kind may be treatable with ease may be more difficult around his kin whom are non-Trandoshan as their limited knowledge of anatomy may hinder proper or accurate medical care. While he himself is fully capable of treating his own wounds, and even able to re-grow limbs, serious bodily injury to his torso or neck/head are much more difficult to treat. In addition to this, finding and creating equipment for himself can be time consuming and difficult as he does not fit into standard boots or gauntlets/gloves.

Pror stands 6' 7'', his dark scaly flesh contrasting with his sharp white teeth and colored eyes. He is heavily built but moves with a catlike grace despite his size. As all Trandoshans, he is hairless and does not have fleshy eyelids, rather clear ones much like a lizard or a snake. As most Trandoshans, his hands are large and terminate in three large claws with an opposable thumb. Likewise, his feet are tipped by three large toes, each with a pointed claw on the end of each. His feet are well calloused and thick scales cover them to protect them from external dangers as he is unable to wear boots. His skull is elongated more than a typical Trandoshan, some Barabel genomes winning out over the Trandoshan ones giving him a more reptilian look than most Trandoshans.
Pror was born on the planet of Trandosha (Dosha) in a typical fashion. His brothers and sisters were laid as eggs, incubating until they began to hatch. What many may not know is that when Trandoshans hatch, they immediately attack each other, the strongest among them eliminating the others to secure his or her position. As such, the surviving hatchling embodies the sentiment "Survival of the Fittest" which is a very strong cultural theme among Trandoshans. After living on Trandosha and taking up the call of the hunt, he traveled through space, constantly on the search for a new beast to hunt, eventually ending up in the forests of Concord Dawn. During his hunt, he stumbled across a young human boy... a Mandalorian of the clan Vhe'viin. The boy in his innocence was unafraid of the Trandoshan, despite his frightening reptilian features. Initially the Trandoshan was confused, but something strange had come over him that day. Any other day, the Trandoshan hunter would have simply ignored the child, or waited till a large creature came by to eat it, using the child as bait.
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