Somewhere on a shuttle headed to infantry base after PT, Viran was writing and sending letters to various military leaders receptionist within the Galactic Alliance with a proposition of a new military branch...

Too whom it may concern, after being approached by year ago to join the Jedi Order, it had come to realization that though we both find common ground in our enemies and goals for the galaxy as whole, there are still many things that come into butting heads within the order and alliance that is most likely unspoken. It involves the most precious recourse we both need to continue on the good fight, man power, or more specifically, physical body count.

I'm no expert, and I do believe I may be going beyond a line here, but I would like to purpose a branch within the military be, at least, consideration, some thought as to whether it would benefit the Galactic Alliance longer term.

(Name Pending) The Alliance Paladins...

I purpose a military of the branch considered for those with the aptitude within what the Jedi call the Force.

There are, of course, most likely a con to this branch with our relations with the Jedi Order, but let me touch on that later.

To start, a branch within our military for those who can...command the Force to some degree gives us more control on deployment, training, disciple, and punishment where are these are necessary. They're loyalties would lie directly with the alliance, and not the Jedi Order. Granted, I also believe that any concept of religion of the Force should be removed from any and all of their training, and be taught to command the Force on a neutral ground that it is exactly as most see it, a great power giving great responsibility. Lightsabers should not be provided and discouraged within this branch as it too appears to be apart of any religious protocol within the Jedi Order. Study shows that a Jedi using anything other than a standard lightsaber is highly rare, and sometimes even taboo as it is a sacred weapon. Instead, these...Paladins should be armed with vibroswords, blasters, and and handheld shields, Alliance uniforms should be the standard of the Paladins outside of combat, with Alliance armor being the standard on the battlefield.

Ranking within the Paladins should be considered the same within any other branch of the alliance military; privates, sergeants, captains, generals, etc. They should be provided a payroll same as any other member of military within the alliance, with the same military benefits, insurance, etc. I also believe this branch should be commanded by a "Non-Force Sensitive" with adept knowledge on the Force can best be utilized by the Galactic Alliance on the battlefield.

These are only some if not all the pros of what could come with having such a branch of militarized Force users under the alliance flag.

Of course, however, I understand this may strain our relations with the Jedi, they would see this as distrust, perhaps, or as a replacement. This should, however, not be considered as such. The Jedi would warn of us of the dangers of the "Dark side" within the members of the Paladins, but I would usher that because of the religious beliefs and fears within the order, they are more likely to succumb to this darkness than any military member of the alliance fighting for his/her fellow brothers and sisters on the battlefield. Our members of the military are constantly pushed by emotions of anger, and passion to do great and amazing things, just as likely are they are to make irrational and terrible choices.

Lastly, I would like to point out that the Jedi Order are clearly independent of the Galactic Alliance, and thus their opinion and concerns in the long run are legally inappropriate in MOST cases, and just as they are free to make choices within their order that may or may not coincide with the benefits of the alliance, the alliance too is capable of making such decisions themselves.

The Sith Lords we both fight against are directly tied within the their empire, the Imperial Knights fought directly under the Fel Empire, and the Obsidian Knights under the Confederacy. All have shown amazing loyalty, and competence for their government, there will always be traitors, but if the Jedi are allowed to continue to operate outside the alliance, we need are own forces to combat these enemies we commonly have when the Jedi can not be called upon.

Yours Truly,

Sergeant Varin Soladera