The Helix Syndicate prides itself on maintaining a highly diversified portfolio of operations and properties. For ease of access, these have been cataloged below and sorted into various categories depending on their type and purpose.
Category E are operations are among the most publicly known of the Syndicate's assets. The primary purpose of these locations is to generate profit, which is most typically done by exploiting the most viable economic sector on each planet. For example, mining on Mygeeto and food on Garqi.Category M operations are considered the mainline of the Syndicate's assets. These are concentrated on the same seven worlds where the influence of the Helix Syndicate is most pervasive: Anemcoro, Cantras Gola, Dubrillion, Entralla, Moltok, New Bakstree, and Yaga Minor. These locations both generate profit and leverage influence over the aforementioned worlds.Category F operations are fortified complexes under the Helix Syndicate's control. They serve a variety of different purposes, ranging from training personnel to research and development. Most importantly, they serve as strongholds for the Syndicate to stage its forces.Category O operations are informally referred to as "Outside Bets." These are highly profitable locations scattered randomly throughout the galaxy, existing primarily due to cooperation between the Helix Syndicate and other groups.Category I operations are major infrastructure assets that the Helix Syndicate have obtained controlling interests over.Category C operations are major cities that the Helix Syndicate have acquired vast amounts of power over. The reach of the Helix Syndicate can be felt throughout the Pentastar Alignment, but these cities are unique in that they are owned by the Syndicate in all but name.