Kailani stood rigidly at attention, eyes focused on the small crowd behind the admiral. They waited for the moment when the commander would become a captain. Usually, crowds only appeared when someone achieved the honor of commanding a fleet. But Kailani wasn't a 'usual' occasion. He had risen to the rank of captain in three years, when it would normally take a decade. But then again, Kailani was more 'to the point' than others, and as such, got more combat experience for High Command to be impressed with.

The bearded admiral finished his speech and walked over to Kailani, a pin in hand. The insignia of a captain. The Chiss tilted his chin up ever so slightly, as to allow the man to pin the insignia on him easier. And then it was done. The crowd clapped and cheered, Kailani waved a hand to thank them, then walked off stage. It was all very simple, yet it was meant to feel monumental. So why didn't it feel like that for Kailani. Perhaps because he knew it was only the beginning in his path to leading a fleet.

"Captain!" came the voice of the admiral. "Congratulations! Your new ship is waiting for you. It's called the Fortitude, and is a Liberator-class Star Defender. I hope you like it."

Kailani smiled. "Thank you, Admiral. I will get to it immediately. What are my duties with the ship?"

"Yet again, patrol. This time, pretty much the entire Perlemian Trade Route. Though if you hear any distress calls around that area, feel free to check it out," the admiral replied, winking at him. Kailani chuckled to himself. While the trade route would be his first priority, the admiral had given him permission to respond to anything he deemed important enough that wasn't on his patrol.

"Thank you, sir. I won't let you down," Kailani promised. And he meant that. Whatever threats were tossed his way would be taken care of.

"I know you won't." With one last handshake, the bearded man walked off to his personal airspeeder, and left.

Well, it was time to get to work.
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