Prologue: The Eye Opens
"I'd say this place will do as our hideout. Out of sight, abandoned by its previous owner, and spacious enough. At least for now. What do you think?" Jaya and her friend Zoey had great plans for the place. It was Jaya's birthday, she turned 16, and was full of ambition and determination. From a young age, Jaya was attracted to the streets, the life of the tough and no-nonsense. She thrived in it, despite the disapproval of her parents. They expected it to be a phase, and that Jaya would get a 'honest job', but Cupcake wasn't going to. Her heart was right here, and left a modest but comfortable life behind to live the life she loved. Zoey was less lucky, losing her parents at age 12. She had lived on the streets ever since, bouncing from gang to gang until she met Jaya. They quickly became friends and partners in crime, backing each other up in everything they did. The two were standing in an abandoned warehouse, and it seemed like they were the first to enter the place in years. It needed some touching up, that was for sure, but it was managable.
"Looks good to me. I'd say we hit the jackpot, actually. Finding a place like this is very rare." Zoey answered, looking around. "Then, it's official! From now on, this warehouse is the base of the Eye of the Street!" Jaya smiled, already thinking of ways to improve the place. "Time to get to work. Since you're the smooth talker, how about you go look for some people to recruit? I'll look for things we need to decorate the warehouse in the meantime. The Eye of the Street is in business!" The two shared a quick hug before walking out of the warehouse. Jaya put a fresh lock on the doors, making sure nobody would swoop in and claim it for themselves. "See you tonight? Same place, same time?" Jaya's friend asked. She asked this question often, referring to the cantina they always went to, and to midnight, the time at which they always met. "As always. I'm looking forward to getting some drinks. But for now, time to make our mark."