Medical Log #1: "I am starting this to work on and give information about what will hopefully become for Sakura based off of the Quiet and La Rasa AI's.. An advanced medical AI able to be used by healers in the field that will be able to provide what information the healers and doctors that we have been training are able to use. As the start of the testing and the general layout we will need to be able to work with it as the Rebirth AI will hold additional information such as methods to use the different projects or work on all fo the things we have been designing for the better and more healthy ideas. We have additionally been working on and developing this project alongside some of our medical teaching hospital ships, stations and facilities. Zygerria has been proving very effective, the Crucible class station Sakura has continued to be a very good endeavor."
Medical Log #2: "Project Rebirth has continued going forward, development of the AI using the knowledge gathering ideas of Quiet and the technical know how of the La Rasa have given Sakura a keen edge as we will be able to upload Rebirth into the holonet and gather information about all of the species that it can. Obscure field reports, urban legends and compile it into a database accessable by our medical staff so that they will be able to encounter creatures and provide details about their biology and everything that is needed and required information wise. Including environmental dangers and living conditions as best we can. The droids will be developed with much of the same ideas in that that can be controlled as well as with the new human biot projects recovered from the rift. The possibility of the Rebirth AI being able to use that information and formulate new plans and new methods to help people."
Medical Log #3: "As the tests and experiments with the prototype AI are continuing we have been seeing some of the things. The jedi healers themselves have been adding in some of the other things they had information wise and I have started having the medical students we oversee start providing information and working with the Ai to process practice patients. Field testing of it in different holo and datapads have shown the AI is more skilled as a teacher then as a medic and we might not be able to use it to control different droids that have been working on things but it will be able to give plenty of feedback. All of the information that the AI provides will be further used and should be tested in teaching hospital ships and stations, Lisa one of the main healers is providing feedback for what is made or working while she is teaching the Rebirth AI what is possible with the use of the force as well as healing for tech."
Medical Log #4: "Further testing over these last several weeks we have been developing and working on it. The base of the AI has been expanded upon as well learning new things and developing her own personality which gives an idea for future predictions of what will be happening across the board. With some fo the future projects we are looking to do a multi-discipline AI that is able to pick up and compensate for the lack of several highly intelligent scientists or jedi masters with advanced degrees. I am practical and while the human touch would be preferable there is also something to be said about having an advanced system that will be able to find the information, have perfect recall and they would be able to work on some of the other things that residents and healers can miss. The testing of the AI itself has been working on many more things allowing it to absorb and assimilate knowledge that others might need int he field."
Medical Log #5: "Continued test that has gone into the AI has shown that its growth rate and knowledge base is increasing exponentially. Something that we have been able to work on while testing it within the field that will be able to help identify healing plants throughout the galaxy. Different things as with some of the force artifacts or crystals thanks to the jedi themselves adding in information about what they are able to use. We have continued to feed information tot he AI so that she or it more specifically will better be able to handle it and show some of the things we have. The information from the Car facility has also helped in its production of equipment and procedures that the doctors at Sakura have been better able to work on and develop. As of the creation for this log the project is maybe at best seventy five percent completed with a hopeful return on the investment that comes from it."
Medical Log #6: "We have bee continuing the research being done as well as the development, these past several months that have been going into the development of the AI's knowledge base of the medical and research produces that go into studies to develop new techniques, new equipment and new medicines that the jedi and doctors will be able to use. For problem solving ideas that can go into the things such as Sakura projects they will be able to make a couple of new things. We have been putting the large source of information and problem solving into projects such as the synthetic healing stims and healing sticks, synthetic bota as well as superior more compacted tanks that will be able to be quickly assembled in the field for use by soldiers or medics when access to a hospital isn't available. We have been looking to also make better versions of the hushed casket for field use instead of presenting itself as a very large target."
Medical Log #7: "The project has become a successful test that we have been working with. A small celebration in the lab so that they could work and Rebirth was able to present themselves as a new AI within the medical group."