Marek Starchaser cleared off his desk and actually shut off his comlink for this. He had Alana switch his schedule around to give him some time to write. This was the final step that he had to go through to get the engineers from Hegemonic Automaton and Haor Chall to get to work on the Artifical Intelligence design he, Jennifer Blanchard and the Slick Fondorian Hannibal Oryen. It was getting his thoughts on paper. Well, sort of. He opened his holo computer and activated the keyboard. Time to get to work, right? He took a sip of one of the products he was working on with one of the pharmaceutical companies from within the Techno Union.

Artificial intelligence.
That was something that many people had worked on and no one really thought about. It was the natural progression from droid to human. A computer system that understood what it was, and that it had a purpose. Droids knew they had a purpose but that was because it was programmed with such, an artificial intelligence would have purpose that it would understand, purpose that it would take to be its raison d’etre, as it were. What we are looking from this bit here is to focus the artificial intelligence. Focus but not restrict. Allow it to do its thing, be who it is, hell, provide it with its own body, but understand that it has a higher purpose.
In the Techno Union, that’s what we are, a higher purpose, advancing science and technology and doing what we can to improve the galaxy. What we are looking for out of this version of an artificial intelligence is something that is not combat centric. I’ve heard the reports of such programs, they don’t really work out well for the creator. What I’m looking at is the reports from the Red Queen debacle years ago. Core scientists had written about the program and it just… not something we want to even touch. What the Union will do for this project is work from the ground up, use the most state of the art protocol droid code and go from there.
We’re looking to make it work as an assistant to the Foreman of the Techno Union first and foremost. Someone to monitor the meetings, understand and interpret information from the HoloNet about corporate movements, the power players of various companies and what other nations are doing. That can all be done by a virtual intelligence, a droid brain, but this one we’re going to have opinions. It will be able to play devil’s advocate for the Foreman. On top of this, its going to be more than just an office assistant, but a full work up. Able to think on how to improve business flow, how to improve troop movement positions, how to modify technology properly to get the most out of anything.
It will be a blend of astromech, observation and protocol programming that is worked and reworked until it understands what it is, what its task is and how to best improve its own parameters. A droid works within its parameters, as seen by Hegemonic Automaton employee articles, but even those droids will develop quirks. Its not unlike how Prime, the first of the Hydra War Droid program, developed its own quirks. Prime is not a sentient, which is what the lead Xi-Char scientist wrote during one of the Techno Union newsletters went around, the ones that only the engineers received. Prime was just… peculiarly. And it was a result of the Foreman’s orders that this was never corrected.
To be honest, that was my call as a first chance to make an artificial intelligence. But could anyone imagine Prime, a droid built strictly for war, as being free thinking?
It would not work out.
So, the basis of this project is to create a free thinking droid, or intelligence, that is set up within certain parameters the same way a human has a certain skill set. The intelligence will be much more than a glorified book keeper, it will be able to adapt, form opinions, create options and increase workflow. It will want time away from its tasks to form its own personality, and this will be allowed, so long as the AI keeps within parameters of not harming the Techno Union in any form, even if its logic overrides what the mission is. We’re not looking for this unit to get out of hand.
On top of that, the intelligence will be given a form, a body of its own design, once it designs it, it will understand that this is not used for combat and that it must blend in within the galaxy. From there? The unit will hopefully be wanting to work with the Foreman, to help protect the nation that has given it birth. Foreman Starchaser’s Obsidian Armor was designed to allow the processing power to join with an artificial, or highly intelligent virtual intelligence. This will serve two purposes, it will keep the carrier alive as they go through the paces of using their Force powers to the fullest extent, while providing order suggestions and rerouting combat protocols of units that it can reach out to, creating a web of war while not actually participating.
For this, part of a dejarik simulation, and pazaak simulation code should be considered for the cocktail of this intelligence. Going through the reports, the simulation code for these programs allow for adaptation but they are not of a violent shift. A war game simulation looks to end its targets, but these two look to challenge, and at certain levels, boggle and defeat within protocols of the game.
And isn’t that all war is? A game?
It is, but making it similar in the base protocols, because you don’t just birth artificial intelligence, you work towards it with program and software engineers, to its main task should curb any blood lust. Prime was created as a war droid and was modified from a war droid program to try to win sentience. That was clearly a dangerous thing. Reports from the Techno Union military show that Prime has caused unique… destruction on the battlefield.
What we’re looking for from this project; Project Mente (that’ll be pronounced Ment-ay) is something to bridge the gap between office manager, game simulator and combat monitoring programs, someone, not something, that will assist the Foreman in their tasks, keep them alive, and keep them organized. Perhaps it will make the Foreman obsolete? That would be the ultimate success here, to create an artificial intelligence that is fully capable of running the Techno Union as effectively as possible without organic suggestion.
Discussion with the HRD creators over at Archangel. I’d like to get them working on this program, or at least creating an artificial body for the being.
The future is going to be exciting, that’s for sure.