The cyborg woman grasped the datapad in a graceful and slender hand, carefully examining the exterior of the device. Now that she was awake and functioning, it was time to reflect and evaluate her situation. An index finger gently touched the display and black eyes watched as the screen flickered to life. With a few swipes of her finger, she created a log to store her progress reports; a tedious yet necessary step to further her development.
There was much she had to ponder. She was a mystery unfolding, there were a great many things she did not understand. Tendrils of thought reached through to touch her mind, but it was difficult for her to grasp hold. For now, she would focus on what little she did know, and what she could glean from tiny bursts of memory. Though she knew that memories were made every day, for some reason she only found bits of images and gray areas in the space where they should be. Eyes slid closed, she was working hard to concentrate, but she was unsuccessful in her search for answers. The only thing left behind for her was a series of vague impressions.
“She is awake too soon. Additional rest needed.” Wyla typed into her data pad. For a moment after she merely sat silently and watched the black cursor blinking on and off, it was waiting for more words. She understood that others found her current speech patterns to be peculiar. Perhaps it was because she felt like such a new person; she was not used to the notion of being a cyborg. Wyla was struggling with her identity, there were pieces left behind of the woman she once was, but there was much to her that was new and foreign.
“I am a cyborg.” Wyla typed out these words slowly, letting the meaning sink in. Now, she only needed to speak this truth and accept it. Despite the fact that no one had told her she was a cyborg, she somehow knew this to be true, down to her very core. Cyborg was a word that she recognized from long ago, from a very dark and distant dream. But even typed out on her datapad, it was a bit strange for her to see. As she stared down at the words on the screen, she began to feel different, as if two parts of her being were now merging.
“Current state: Functioning, but improvement needed.” She wrote in simple self-evaluation, this would do for now.