A Moida appears in a holonet announcement labeled URGENT to all corners of the Galaxy. The figure is Iakar.

”People of the Galaxy, in a week’s time, my people will host what we call Asman ha’Qobbesh. It’s a time of celebration for those of us who identify as terms you call transgender, nonbinary, and genderfluid. It is a sacred holiday for my people. We have decided to open our home to the Greater Galaxy to invite all beings of all gender expressions and sexualities to relax and celebrate being unique and lovable people. The location of these festivities will be on Zholla Colony, Scintilla. Again, all are welcome to join us on this day to simply enjoy each other’s company and perhaps meet new people from different walks of life.” The Moida appeared to step closer to the camera, to emphasize the words they were about to say. “Please note that violence of any kind will not be tolerated at any venues on the space construct. Those who wish to bring about harm will be detained and deported off of our home. Enjoy yourselves, support those who will stand by your side in solidarity with you.”

“We invite you all to the first annual Pride Festival. We hope to see you soon. As above, so below.” The holonet message cuts and resumes to normal news outlets.


OOC NOTE: Pride isn’t just for the month that we designate for it. It’s a daily celebration for those of us within the LGBTQIA+ community and for our allies. We believe an official Pride celebration at the end of June as a reminder of that continuous celebration of being unapologetically you would be a cool idea! I, Kyrinov, plan to sub this celebration soon after this thread and, with the support of all of you (the writers), we can make hopefully this an annual IC celebration across the board and the Galaxy if it’s something that everyone enjoys! Happy Pride Month, Chaos!