Second Ratification passed!
In our Most Venerable Senate the second ratification of the Pallaeon Doctrine was passed today. Without opposition or vote voicing such, the Senate has decided to maintain the Pallaeon Doctrine announced by the Core Imperial Confederation following the ongoing events at Byss and Nyeon. The question of the validity and stabiltiy of the Core Imperial Federation and its doctrine was discussed, due to the recent news from within their borders.
Issued by the Lord High Militant and Prince-Elector, the voting was passed down to the Senate by the Grand Board to include the peoples opinion. Now ratified, the imperial relations should hopefully grow closer and a future of mutual support, tied together by equal hearts and minds, may come soon.
Hiperion Wargames Final
The wargames on Hiperion came to an end, lasting two months now. Raging across the deserts of Hiperion, an entire army group was pitched in a campaign against itself. As usual the wargames are including all arms, army, navy and air force and therefore tries to resemble a military experience as close to reality as possible. Especially since the Strategic Research and Practice Bureau is designing the wargames harsher than most imaginable realities. Yet the rate of actual deaths has decreased in the past years. One can only applaud the increasing profession of our Grande Armée!
The final of the wargames was a battle which lasted three days with more than 5.000 armoured vehicles engaged. Calculations together with the results state, that the losses in an actual battle like that would be far lower due to the equality in quality of our troops. There were a few occasions during the fight, which cried for medals and awards. It is rumored that for the first time, the Grand board would issue an edict to circumvent the law not to allow decorations being giving for training. We shall see what will happen here!
HoloNet Announcement
Following the escalation of war between the Core Imperial Federation and the Corporate Protectorate, the Volterravanite see the requirement for seeking more relations and open diplomatic channels.
Before leaving to a diplomatic mission, the Prince-Elector, the Lord High Militant and Comte de Hohenstein Eylau, gave a public statement on the HoloNet:
"Our intentions are clear, they are honest and they are just. Our industry offers much, our military more but our friendship the most. Volterravan seeks allies and friends foremost, we do not look for adversaries - may it be friendly competition to improve each other! But it may not be war. The smart try to avoid the armed conflict, not spark it, nevertheless we will aid our allies and repulse any aggression without hesitation. For a new Order, onwards."