Akilah recorded some notes about the results of her How Do You Feel About The Force survey. It was still going of course, but it was never to early to do social analysis.
Over 70% say they find significant differences between Force Cultures.
"Ambitious" is the most voted descriptor of Force Users by far, reaching almost 80%. Power Abusing, Spiritual, Confident, Emotional and Cocky are all within 7% of the halfway mark.
Divine was a descriptor checked by 15% of applicants, however roughly two thirds of those tagging Divine were One Sith Force Users.
Over 70% feel NFU-FU relations could use improvement, with a little over 40% feeling they could use major improvement.
Roughly 50% disapprove the contributions of Force Users on modern society, though only 10% strongly disapprove.
Roughly 60% do not feel more or less safe knowing Force Users are in the galaxy, but only 16% feel safer knowing Force Users are in the galaxy.
Nearly 50% feel Force Users have a dominant effect on the economy compared to NFU's, while around 37% report they feel FU's have no more impact than NFU's.
90% feel that Force Users have a strong effect on galactic politics in comparison to non force users. Thusfar votes for force users having equal effect on politics as NFU's has been statistically insignificant(sub1%).