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Affiliation: Open Market
Manufacturer: Damorian Manufacturing
Model: Carrack Class MK II
Modularity: Comes in different variatns, colors and optional leather seats
Production: Mass-Produced
Quadranian Steel Frame
Durasteel Interior Hull
Gadolinium/Alusteel Plating
Crystalsteel Viewports
Turadium Blastdoors
Nightshadow Hull Coating
Classification: Light Frigate
Length: 150m
Width: 40m
Height: 30m
20 Heavy Turbolaser
20 Heavy Ion Cannon
20 Heavy Anti Fighter Flak Cannons
10 Ion Encumbrance System (ion taggers and nano missiles (50 missiles per case)
10 Point Defense Laser Cannons
2 Forward Mounted Solar Ionization Cannons
1 Bilge Mounted Rotating Magnetic Acceleration Cannon
Hangar: N/A
Special Features:
Compartmentalized Life support systems
Modular Compartment
Communications Array
Compacted Primary Hyperdrive
Compated Secondary Hyperdrive
Solar Ionization Reactor
Hypermatter Secondary Reactor
Advanced Navigational Computer
Military Grade Molecular Shielding
Military Grade Particle Shielding
Military Grade Ray Shielding
Redundant Shielding
EMP/Ion Shielding
Advanced Radiation Shielding
Crystal Grav Trap
Gravitic Modulator
Thrust Trace Damper
Stygium Cloaking Device
Photon absorber
Thermal dissipator
Communications Array
Encryption Network
Holonet Transceiver
Sasori Logistical Suite
Docking Port
Halcyon Booster
Habridian Cloak
Escape Pods
Advanced Maneuvering Thrusters
Overdrive Bank
Maneuverability Rating: 5 (normally) 3 (with thrusters)
Speed Rating: 5 (normally) 3 (with boosters)
Hyperdrive Class: .7 (primary) 2 (Backup)
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Development Thread:
  1. Testing Prototype
  2. Upgrades
  3. Upgrades
  4. Upgrades
  5. Upgrades
  6. Upgrades
  7. Upgrades
  8. Upgrades
  9. Upgrades
  10. Upgrades
  11. Upgrades
  12. Upgrades
  13. Upgrades
  14. Upgrades
  15. Upgrades
  16. Upgrades
  17. Upgrades
  18. Upgrades
  19. Upgrades
  20. Testing
  21. Solar ionization Cannon acquired
  22. Stealth Tech acquired
  23. Cloak Acquired
Intent: To create an upgraded Carrack the main ship from Damorian and bring it out with some new upgrades
Who Can Use This: Whoever pays for it
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