Rikard Josiah Tetalar
Alexander Josiah Tetalar made a name for himself in the political spheres on Chandrila. Hailing from an old and reputable house, he was ably to ply his natural charisma and bolster his standing in the community. By his mid-twenties he had already positioned himself as one of the planet's Galactic representatives. Common opinion declared him a shoe-in for higher positions in his near future, yet Alexander would advance no further. Instead he solidified his holdings, entrenching himself in politics, and making him advice some of the most sought after on the planet.
Alexander, and his wife Elizabeth Marietta Tetalar, would have their only child in their early thirties. Rikard Josiah Tetalar, given his grandfather's name, was bred to be the family's scion. A fortune was disposed on private schooling and tutors, grooming him to eventually succeed his father. This made possible Rikard's early advancement into higher education. Allowing him to obtain a degrees in both Law and Anthropology. Rikard's passion for the latter eventually outweighing his want to follow in his father's footsteps.
Rikard would leave Chandrila in his early twenties to begin a period of learned travel. Instead of seeking further knowledge at typical institutions, Rikard opted to do groundwork. Traveling with spacers and listening to rumors that floated through trade hubs. Rikard would hop from planet to planet, immersing himself in the native culture and studying their ways.
At the age of twenty-three Galactic Standard Years Rikard finally decided to invest in his own spacecraft. That would be his first failed attempt into the field of piloting, crashing it shortly after purchase on and uncharted moon. Luckily he had been heading there already and was able to link up with others in his expeditionary party. This particular adventure would take a double downturn however, as Rikard was exposed to toxic fumes in catacombs that nearly cost him his life. He managed to fight through the sickness, but his respiratory system never fully recovered.
Shortly after this Rikard took a short sabbatical from his journey and returned home to recuperate. Increased pressure from his father while he was there led Rikard to join his father in politics as a consultant for nearly a year. The want to explore and need to discover eventually overcame Rikard's desire to please his father, forcing him abandon his new position. This led to a schism between Rikard and his family, keeping him from Chandrila for many years.
Leaving his home and family behind in the manner he had left Rikard with a sour taste. He needed a distraction, something to take him from his worries and occupy his thoughts. It came in the form of Iakar. The jungle world played host to a species of plant-life that boasted a great deal of medical properties. Rikard ventured there to study what role, if any, the plant played in the cultural evolution of the native species. He, however, was unaware of the brutal conflict that just ended between the Iakaru and off-worlders shortly before his arrival. Leading him to be promptly arrested.
Fortunately Rikard was able to explain himself, and after a bit of legal negotiation, he was allowed to stay and continued his work. Albeit not unhindered. The Iakaru soldier Garmon Garmon was assigned as his watchman and protector for the length of his stay. Though at mostly at odds with one another at first, a strange companionship managed to form between the two men. Leading to Garmon leaving his home-world in favor of traveling with Rikard.
Like all beings in the Galaxy trying to etch by, Rikard found himself in the need of monetary support. His late twenties had been accompanied by his family finally cutting him off completely. Perhaps hoping the lack of funds to pursue his endeavors would urge the young man home. It, however, did not. Rikard, along with Garmon, decided to freelance for various companies. Locating ruins, artifacts, and other oddities. It was not quite as easy going as things had been, but in truth Rikard preferred it. He owned his own money to spend his own way.
With the Galaxy embedded in a constant state of war, Rikard's pursuits find themselves constantly hindered. Refusing to give up in the face of this adversity by adopting more violent means of survival. Rikard and Garmon continue to use their skills to the best of their ability. Striving ever towards a more understood Galaxy.