I honestly don't think this will be one of my better ones ...
Hello all, it's been a while. It's Adam here, writer of a few mildly acclaimed blog posts in 2015 back with another one (which will prove to you all why I should stay retired). Most of my blog posts in 2015 were well meaning and aimed at improving the community in general, a community that I was more than a little emotionally attached to for quite some time. Alas, time moves on and things change. I rarely have time to write anymore (a few days ago was the first time I'd even opened my personal laptop in six months), and when I return there are always few familiar faces and many more that I don't know. Within a year, or even a few months on this board, so many Major Factions rise and fall that I can't keep track anymore; they are a shared experience that I'm not apart of. So I guess this blog post is for me. And possibly for anyone else that can identify with some of my truths.
I should clarify that this isn't a "woe is me" post. I hope to conclude this post in a way that suggests that this board and this community is for all, no matter your circumstances or how active you are. Now to get there in a way that approximates to some measure of literacy.
When you live in a practical world, feeding the creative part of your soul can be difficult. I find this struggle to be too difficult at times. As an obsessive, passionate person, I throw myself into my work and rarely emerge. Practical problems require practical solutions and I pride myself in my ability to find those solutions. Sometimes I see the difference I might make in one person's life, or the difference I make to the organisation, and that seems to make it all worth it. But it does come at a cost. In life, I believe it is essential to balance the practical and the creative. Creating something beautiful is a great joy in life, and denying yourself that joy does eat away at you. At least, it does for me.
So why do I keep popping up now and then? I guess I'm afraid of my creative side dying completely. When I was younger it was always my aspiration to write a novel. Whenever I try to write these days, I find it more and more difficult. I guess I'm afraid of losing that dream.
I'll inevitably disappear sometime in mid-January, leaving a few half-finished threads in the lurch. I guess I'm asking you all to humour me.
Further to that, it's my Christmas wish that you all humour each other. I've been here a few days and have already seen drama that was similar to what I saw when I popped up this time last year, and six months before that, and back in 2013-14 (some of that was me lol. To that dude whose Star Destroyer I blew up, sorry). Most of it is centered around people being angry that other people aren't writing things the way that they think they should be written (I made a whole blog about this in 2015). This irks me. This is a place for people to create in whichever way they choose within PG-13 guidelines. You may not agree with someone's interpretation of what an Aing-Tii is, or their interpretation of Force Body, or with their choice of who they write with. That's your opinion, and fair enough. But when it comes to creating there is no right and there is no wrong, so I ask that you let them be. Silence is best; don't contribute to the crap.
Anyone who disagrees with me is a huge nerd. ;)
Be kind. Don't be a d***. And don't get so worked up about things. It's just a game.
Happy holidays.