The journey commenced with a humble glass tank, stark and devoid of life, standing on the brink of transformation. Braze set about cleansing the tank, meticulously removing any specks of dirt or debris. As he worked, his imagination roamed, picturing the verdant landscapes soon to burgeon within its confines—a miniature world on the brink of existence. This tank which had been acquired from a second-hand shop along with an assortment of items and equipment, had been painstakingly sterilized for this endeavor, cleaned with methods safe for its future inhabitants. Procuring these essentials had been a drawn-out process, but the project remained a passion pursued in the rare moments of leisure, typically after a refreshing shower and just before the tranquility of night enveloped him.

With the tank now primed and awaiting its transformation, Braze started on constructing the foundation, meticulously arranging stones and pebbles to mimic a natural substrate. Each placement was deliberate, invoking images of undulating hills and rugged outcrops, his hands shaping the terrain with precision and artistry. He utilized silicone to assist him to sculpt this living art piece, integrating a waterfall feature to aerate and circulate the water, ensuring the well-being of the bonsai tree that he planned to nurture within this environment.

The introduction of greenery marked the vivarium's heart and soul coming to life. Braze's touch was gentle as he planted an array of aquatic and terrestrial flora, choosing species adept at thriving in the tank's semi-aquatic conditions. Months had been spent cultivating a small tree, deliberately stunting its growth through nutrient restriction while sculpting its form. Utilizing plant surge and the subtle manipulation of the Force, he accelerated its development, creating a captivating living sculpture that served as the centerpiece of this aquatic home.

As the foundational elements of the tank settled, Braze welcomed its inaugural inhabitants: a vibrant collection of small shrimp and snails, accompanied by a lone pleco fish to maintain balance within the ecosystem. This deliberate introduction of life was a cautious step, anticipating how the tank would evolve over the coming months. He observed and nurtured this fledgling ecosystem, ensuring its prosperity. Among the terraced upper reaches of the tank, small strawberry plants were nestled, their roots siphoning nourishment from the aquatic environment below, adding another layer of symbiosis to this meticulously crafted world.

Once it had all been stitched together neatly and thrived, Braze decided to gift it to his friend, Ko Vuto .