This is really just a glorified way of saying brainstorming (as I procrastinate on studying for things that matter, such as that test tomorrow). But onward we go!
If you know anything about WoW, you'll probably be able to recognize the avatar as one Sylvanas Windrunner who is the main source of inspiration (and all the character art) for Phoebus. Phoebus is meant to be a misnomer and ironic title, as Phoebus is an alternative name for the god of music, healing, truth and prophecy, sun and light, poetry, the arts, and more. And his counterpart, Artemis, seems more of a parallel to Sylvanas herself.
But Apollo and Artemis do go hand in hand, such as when Apollo slayed Niobe's 7 sons and Artemis her 7 daughters using poisoned arrows. And thus, the duality of the two seemed like an interesting concept to delve in, using Phoebus as a way of representing Apollo and Artemis not as separate entities, but as two identities of a single person.
I feel it would only be proper for Phoebus to have dissociative identity disorder by having two split personalities (and this is a trend I'd like to continue for the rest of the crew). Her first crew mate is a Dazouri (which has a shrewd, calculating 'rest' form and a maniac, brutish 'rage' form). And her second is a Fosh (more calculating people, so its fun stuff).
tl;dr - Phoebus is simply a space elf (Sephi).