Sometimes I have to keep my mind off all the bullcrap that is modern day society on a global scale. Of course, I realize the world will continue to be a karked up place whether I look away for a moment or not, but it's nice not to stress about it every once in a while.
In the Bible and in several religions and religious documents, therein is always entailed some sort of end-game, some sort of destruction or renewal. Sometimes I wonder if it's saying a divine entity will bring about supernatural wrath... or if they knew we'll just do it to ourselves. But if that were true... it's also a testament to just how much power we have to make the world -better- as well -- all of us, a fragment of not only the wrath of God(s) but the benevolence, the creativity, the perseverance of one as well.
When people say we're lost in the Matrix... or that we're not seeing the spiritual side of things... I look at all I know about Science and Philosophy and realize... there -is- no mysticism about it. We're detached. In it's simplest form, we're detached from being human. Nothing more, nothing less. We live our lives this way only because we believe there to be no other way; we believe this to be the "true" way, to be -real-. And that's when I realized, there is no Law of Attraction, nor is it fantastical or somehow supernatural for us to mold the world around us. That the matter of belief and the act of believing alone could change it through expression.
But the simple fact that as a whole, we cause the world to be in the state it is, only because it is the state we know. It is only the error of the collective whole, and not any one individual. It really puts into perspective something even Steven Hawking adheres to; our climax can only ever lead to either our unification and enlightenment as a species... or our self-destruction as a whole. Ironic, really.... Brought together under one fate, one entity, no matter which polarity the outcome assumes....
A gallon of milk in the US could cost upwards of four dollars. That same gallon of milk could be half that or even a tenth that in some of the least fortunate but still sustainable sovereign nations. Why is that, I asked myself. Belief. It is the belief that because we have more, or that our standards of living are higher, we should spend more. So the cost changes... but never the reward. The medium is an illusion; the only one that defines the value of any currency is the holder. It's the same for any state of appreciation.
The only hardest part of brightening this world is convincing everyone to attempt the same thing at the same time.... All because people don't believe it is possible... because they cannot see it in action... and that is only because they will not be the ones to do it. The greatest irony of all the universe, the great paradox of life; we are a product of circular reasoning and logical fallacy.
The truth of the matter is this: As the saying goes, "all roads lead to Rome." The world isn't going to last forever no matter what we do. That much we can never escape.

Slightly off topic but strangely relevant.
A good leader might conquer and rule their lessers, but a great leader will elevate those lessers to a status nigh their own. That is true worth. This is why I love and idolize historical greats like Genghis Khan, Sun Tzu and the likes. We live in an age where one's success is defined by the extent of what one is capable of as an individual, but not as what all can contribute as the whole. For as long as modern society is ruled by measuring success in merit as opposed to distributing it, there will always be social divides and the people who perpetuate them simply by living them. In the modern setting, it is the fine line between socialism and capitalism, however there is no night without day and no light without shadow; the ideal society will find and sustain this balance, else it will continue to fail cyclically as it shifts through the polarities.