Hey, how is everybody doing?
Recently, France just pulled their funding for Hellfest due to Phil Anselmo being a dumbass. So, here's what happened...
While on camera, Phil Anselmo decided to give the Nazi salute and shout, "White power!" at the top of his lungs! So, as I said, he was being an absolute idiot. Oh, and Down also got dropped from FortaRock, a metal festival in the Netherlands.
So, due to Anselmo being a dumbass, Hellfest just lost it's funding from France and Anselmo sent an apology letter to the members of Down, possibly leaving the band.
So, good job Phil! Hope you're karking happy for ruining Hellfest!
However, it doesn't impact me at all anyway. The only bands I even like that were playing this year were Anthrax, Black Sabbath, and Slayer. Hell, I don't even live in France but just saw this on my Metal news site and decided to post it.
What do you guys think?