The message would be not be discovered until someone had attempted to find Wyatt Morga in his room on Peace; a hologram of him forming before them with a sorrowful gaze evident even through the harsh blue digitization of his features. For a few moments, it would glitch, repeating itself as he looked up to gaze them in the eye - only to do it once more. It did this a dozen times in the span of a few seconds before it broke the looping glitch on its own; instantly using Peace's transmitting equipment to send to the various enclaves and holocomms already hooked to the massive Jedi Station's systems.

"Greetings, Jedi. For those close, for those far - For those who know me and those who don't.", Wyatt offered - scars barely visible beneath the collar of his robe. Even without actual color, they seemed puffy and painful; just one more reminder of his disappearance.

"I am Wyatt Morga. Former Grandmaster of the Jedi Order - controversial as it was, premature as many thought it was. I am not, however, sending this message to speak on the controversies around the unification attempt I had on the Jedi Order; but to speak on the current state of the Jedi - and perhaps my own mistakes that have helped lead to it.", he said with a shake of his head - closing his eyes as though to focus.

"Many have spoken on the New Jedi Order and Galactic Alliance's willingness to work alongside the New Imperial Order - many have critiqued it, villainized them for working alongside a authoritarian empire already well known for its willingness to sacrifice lives for perceived greviances. The New Jedi Order has often rationalized this as a necessity to destroy the Sith Empire - something they have percieved as a greater threat than the Bryn'adul; while also using the Silver's participation in the proposed Elder Council as a means to undermine many Silver Jedi's stance on the alliance.", Morga offered as he stared forward into the recorder.

"I don't mean for this to be a history lesson, but I must at least cover it from how I have seen it argued between the groups; and to give my stance on it. Many of the Jedi remember the short lived Grayson Imperium - a Jedi 'fascism' built as a direct response to the violence caused by the Sith Empire on Ession. Many of the Jedi and politicians of the New Jedi Order villafied Grayson for his actions, that the Jedi should not rule nor support a goverment that enacts such authoritarian policies; and yet so many of those same Jedi, those same politcians have now ignored this to validate their actions and hatred."

"That somehow, Cedric Grayson was mistaken for his efforts to destroy the Sith Empire through extreme means, but now that the young and inexperienced do it when its politically excusable it is alright? I will not muse on the political implications of allowing NIO advocates into the higher ranks of an ideologically opposite goverment such as the Alliance, nor will I speak on the influx of Jedi with tenous pasts filling the youth with ideas of 'hate' as the foundation of their efforts. Rather - I will take the blame, for in the end, it is my fault for not guiding them to a better future."

Wyatt paused, glanced to the floor in shame, then collected himself as he continued;

"With the stress of Jedi Politics on the forefront of my mind, I had allowed my annoyance with the Silver Jedi permeate down to the others of the Order. Ryv Karis, that which I knighted and declared the Sword of the Jedi suffered from my efforts more than any; and for that I apologize. I abandoned them in a vain hope of killing the leader of the Bryn'adul alone - and in doing so, left them alone to their own devices with out even the implication of what I had done.", he said with a shake of his head.

"And they have all suffered for it - now so affected by the rhetoric of hate and extremism they are willing to go to any length to achieve the peace they have been told to achieve. Killing the young, bombing civilians - for all my efforts, they have carried on the legacy of Cedric Grayson. The Ends Justify the Means is their philosophy, something I had tried to stop in Cedric, and something I hoped to stop in the next generation."

"But I failed."

"For those Jedi Masters still in the New Jedi Order, for those in the Silver Jedi Order - Those who are wiser than I, I ask not only your forgiveness, but to guide these Jedi to the light. It is only a matter of time before their willingness to stretch morale boundaries and work alongside authoritarian goverments with no moral qualms until they themselves begin to fall to the Dark Side. To fight through hate, to justify the means by the end, they have set themselves on a dark path. Do not abandon them, do what you can to educate them - on compassion, on limits, on accepted costs."

"And for those with ability, bring your influence to the Alliance and Senate - implore them to cease their support of the New Imperial Order. While I am no expect on politics, it seems inevitable that the close ties they have kept with eachother will only corrupt the good will and dreams of the reborn Republic. A matter of time before it falls to a demagogue such as Palpatine."

"For those wondering why I did this over a message, it is because I am already gone. I have taken the Barash Vow - to recollect myself, find my path once more, and to attone for the sins I have comitted. Against the Jedi and the younglings, against my other apprentices - for my unwitting nature in propagating a divide between the Jedi Order and the Silvers. For all I have done and more, I will cease all activity with the Orders, and find peace doing what I can in the fight to stop both the Sith and the Bryn'adul."

"Until we meet again. May the Force be with you.", Wyatt said with a sad smile.

His hand would raise and press something unseen in the holorecording, then the message would glitch and repeat once more - again and again until it was shut off. There would be no apparent direct Wyatt had taken, nor any trace of him. His ship would be gone, his droid and possessions either taken or abandoned - except one. His lightsaber, worn as it was, carried with it a great light; and written on a note it was placed on was only a few words for his once apprentice.

"For Ryv Karis. Do good, die great. ~ Wyatt"