So normally this is the place to talk about role playing and Star Wars, and sometimes just to get things out in the open and off the mind.
This is one of those off the mind entries.
Time. It ticks by each day sometimes very slowly and sometimes very quickly. Seems the older I get the quicker time gets.
In the last couple of months I’ve had to face some tough things.
Son-in law had a stroke, which led to the discovery of a hernia and 3 herniated disks. Son in law is recovery nicely but requires surgery, which has to wait because of the stroke and medication he is taking for that.
One of my cousins passed away from Cancer. Cousins you know they are your playmates most of the time when you’re growing up, well at least they were for me. This cousin was one of those playmates. Add in that at a time when my family needed help he was there. Course might say that is what family is for but what he did was much appreciated. See he gave up a plot in a cemetery for my stepfather to be buried in so that he wouldn’t be alone somewhere else, and he would rest with his brothers and sisters. Something that was extremely important to all of us. So when he did that, well, like I said much appreciated. And now he’s gone too.
I was talking with my sister and come to find out they found a lump in her breast. And while just knowing a lump is there is scary and should not be cause for fretting. The fretting comes after the biopsy which she will be having shortly. I don’t want my sister to be ill. Granted she’s a pain at times, but she’s my younger sister, and I’ve watched people go through the treatments. I don’t want to see her go through this.
Then to add into all of this, I found out that one of my childhood friends passed away. They were my neighbors, and I spent more nights at their dining room table than at my own. Then there were the countless sleepovers, and going out once we were old enough. I remember her first pregnancy, the drama of moving, watching her date my cousin, watching her marry someone that we all just cringed about and having her try to cope with losing her son and her parents. So many things over a lifetime to watch someone go through, to share memories with and now that’s all that is left are the memories.
I realize that everyone goes through tough times, emotional times and this is just one of those times and it will pass.
So what do I really want to say here for anyone who glances here.
My writing is suffering, some might say it suffered before this (that’s my attempt at being funny to deal with how awful I feel right now).
Family and friends leave their mark on us, help to form us into the people we are. They are who we laugh with and cry with. Take a moment today to give them a call, or send an email, or a text just to say hi, what doing. Cause tomorrow is unknown and tomorrow they might not be there.
Thank all of you who listen to me and when the times are dark you all know who you are. You should know that there are days that those few moments of talking help to get me through and realize that I am not as alone as I think I am.