I've been watching. Reading. Listening, talking. I've been the voice of opposition, the voice of reason. The voice of peace, and the voice f stupidity. I've been a favorite, and a hated, a friend and an annoying pest to many here on Chaos. I've watched those I thought to be good friends become dicks over the smallest of an issue, and those I thought to be scum prove me wrong time and time again. In short, I'm still getting a feel for the people here. Some people like me, some don't, and this will always change. Change when I agree, and when I don't.

But I noticed something wrong. So wrong that I can't simply believe it happened. I noticed when I made this blog just today I had to agree not to use this to give out private information of others. I've been in threads in which I've been asked to stop posting and I did, not only for respect, but because it's a site rule.

This is the second time I have seen the Staff ignore these rules they made. Put themselves above the law so to speak. Before it was just a thread spammed with gifs after the person who started it asked for people to stop. It wasn't other members, but staff who spammed him. He over reacted, sure, but at the same time, is it right to disrespect people?

Now I have watched a breach of privacy in a Blog. A place where to make one you have to agree to never do so. Once more it was staff who broke this rule. And what kind of image does that give? I watched the likes pile up as someone may of just destroyed another persons life. And for what? Pixels that were copied on a screen? It is one thing to post the links to the things that have been copied, but to post a Facebook page? An email? Well. An email is one thing, you can ignore hateful emails no issue.

But Facebook? Where his real life friends and family exist in a whole other world? As I have a tendency of doing, once more I will bring up my old site. Never did they give out my information after I was banned. Never did I do that to those that banned me. I had personal numbers to the staff, and they had mine. Neither side spoke to the other about it, and neither side chose to do anything with it, respecting the privacy of them.

This is the internet. Anyone can see these. Anyone or anything, be it a hacker or a bot finding new places to spam. Is it really worth it to affect another person so personally as a punishment? Link the wrong they did. Make it known that they broke a rule. But to bring their personal information into anything is a break of a rule. No one should be above the rules.