Paitent Snapshot

Patient NameBernard of Arca
Patient IDPI: 05999-B
Blood Pressure120/80
Force SensitiveYes | Jedi
Blood TypeN/A



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Intake Date: - - -
Intake Time: 1921
Patient Name: Bernard of Arca Bernard of Arca


Medical Call
Patient Transport​
Medical Team
Doctor: Julian Qar
Senior Resident: Hazel​
Chief Complaint
Blast Injuries, Sith Inflicted Injuries​
TreatmentMajor Surgery [Shrpanel Removal] Valk Healing, Bacta Bath

[Intake doctor: J-QAR]
The patient was rescued after a distress beacon was deployed at the Damask Plaza, Southern Cultural Centre [Munnilist] Patient had suffered from syncope
[fainting] upon medical team arrival due to severe blood loss from injuries. Upon transport, the patient was given two units of universal plasma and Bacta patches were used to halt additional blood loss.

Surgery was performed at the Calarci Hospital by Doctor Qar, Carlaic Medical team, and Senior Resident Hazel as main assist.
  • 4.5kg of debris was removed from the patient's body.
  • During the final survey, shrapnel pieces were found 4mm from the patient's aorta. No additional injuries to the aortic structure were visible.
Sith lightning wounds treated by Valk force healing. The prognosis is positive although the patient's body has sustained Lichtenberg scars throughout the arms and upper torso.

The patient was intubated and placed in bacta tank to expedite the healing of exterior and interior wounds.

Additional Findings:
Exterior: Blaster injuries on the right arm, sith lightning burns and blast injuries to the face.
Back: Extensive injuries along the patients' back from shrapnel blast. No exit wounds present or any major damage to interior structures.
Internal Organs: Unremarkable
Cardiovascular: Unremarkable
Mental: Minor cognitive response on transport, vision test suggests patient sustained minor concussion either on fall impact or during Sith combat.

The patient was picked up by Galatic Alliance medical transport at 0400.
Discoloration of surgery scars is common, watch for any extensive swelling or abnormal discharge.
The patient should limit the activity for at least two weeks and should follow up with GA medical staff to ensure proper healing of all wounds. A follow-up is highly recommended to ensure that dark side injuries are fully healed. Patient should do a final submerge in bacta tank for another 48 hours once on their home planet.

Medical Director

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