Paitent Snapshot

Patient NameEzra Dune
Patient IDPI: XX491-E
Blood Pressure85/70 [Low BP]
Force SensitiveYes
AllergiesShuura fruit
Blood TypeAB-
AugmentationsLeft arm : complete augmenttion - nonessential removal.


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Intake Date: - - -
Intake Time: 13:00
Patient Name: Ezra Dune


Medical Call
Medical Call - Patient Walk-in​
Medical Team
Doctor: Julian Qar
Medical Assistant: Hazel
Neuro Med: C. Trevino​
Chief Complaint
Chest pain, difficulty breathing, nausea​
TreatmentACE inhibitors, Beta Blockers, Rest, Stress relief activities

[Intake doctor: J-QAR]
[Neuro Med: C-Trevino]

The patient walked into med bay ED complaining of chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, nausea, and vomiting.
Patient physical tests and blood work came back unremarkable.
Unfortunately due to left arm augmentation, we opted for a central line due to the severity of the cardiac injury and patient age.
The patient was kept in the med bay for a 24 hour monitoring period to ensure that chest pain had not increased once ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers were administered.
The use of thinning medication was not needed.

Neuro med dispatched to discuss stress relief activities with Mr. Dune. The patient was compliant for the most part though at one point became agitated when asked to discuss his past and the reason for the increase in stress.

No change in the overall size of LV base when evaluated through Ultrasonic Echo. Medication and rest helped with the chest pain and nausea.

As long as Mr. Dune keeps up with the treatment plan he should make a full recovery with no further damage to cardiac muscles or surrounding tissues.

Cardiac enzymes test: Negative panels.
Chest & Abdomen: No exterior trauma to chest or abdomen. No tenderness.
Internal Organs: Coronary angiogram performed, signs of left ventricular enlargement. The apex of the left ventricle exhibits tightening whereas the base shows signs of temporary enlargement.
[Suggested diagnosis: TCM [ Takotsubo cardiomyopathy ] Stress-induced cardiomyopathy.]

No major complaints besides heavy stress, the onset of anxiety, and difficulty sleeping at night. The patient declined a sleep aid and anti-anxiety prescription.

For the next three weeks, the patient should limit any stressful activities and the intake of stressful information. Strenuous exercise is prohibited at this time until a follow-up appointment is scheduled.
Retesting requirements: Clear EKG, Ultrasonic Echo Reading, Coronary angiogram. If chest pain persists and is increased in severity, with dizziness, slurred speech, the patient should call the ED line for an immediate medical transport unit.

Medical Director

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