Paitent Snapshot

Paitent NameHalketh
Patient IDPI: 00299-H
Blood Pressure120/80
Force SensitiveYes
AllergiesNone recorded
Blood Type- -



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Intake Date: - - -
Intake Time: 17:45
Patient Name: Halketh


Medical Call
Medical Transport / Rescue​
Medical Team
Doctor: Julian Qar
Medical Assistant: Hazel​
Chief Complaint
Catastrophic injury to body.​
TreatmentCryopreservation, Bacta Bath

[Intake doctor: J-QAR]
The patient was rescued from the wreckage within the city limits Serenno by the Corba 9 medical rescue team. The patient was near death, he was given life-sustaining stims to elevate blood pressure. During 00:10 into care, the patient went into cardiac arrest, defibrillation attempts were made, after the third shock, sinus rhythm was established. Three units of plasma and blood replacement were given on transport to the main medical station on Carlac. On full diagnostic reading, these are the following findings :

Spinal examination: Bulging disc on L1 - L2, hairline fracture on C4
Chest & Abdomen: Lacerations extending from upper left to lower right quadrants
Internal Organs: Unremarkable *Note: Cardiovascular systems healthy despite patient going into cardiac arrest due to shock.
Mental: Upon first evaluation, the patient was responsive and lucid. No slurring of speech or interruptions in force control.

The patient should maintain in the med bay for at least two weeks, light activity is advised once levels even out. Blood work suggestion regeneration efforts from cryopreservation and bacta bath have proven helpful. Follow-up visit advised after the first week of discharge from hospital.

Medical Director

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This thing is still a WIP and so is all of the stuff I put in it. Thanks to Okkeus Dainlei for the idea.