(Past Stories Part I)
(Past Stories Part II)

Eyes blue as the sea after a soft rain. Her face barren of emotion as she looked up at me. she didn't speak. not even a ragged breath broke from her. Her stare seeping into my soul. I could feel her hand compress down on mine after two days of being limp. She was weak. she tried to lift her open hand to reach out for me. I grabbed it with a soft embrace of my fingers. I let her hand fall back down and held my hand up with an index finger to symbol that I wanted for her to wait. Her face change in an instant to fear of me leaving her. Trying to squeeze my hand to stop me from leaving her.

I moved over top of her and shook my head. My eyes told of what I wanted to say. And reluctantly she let go. I took a few steps backwards. To let her know that I would be here. I turned around for an instant to grab an empty glass. Filling it about half way with clean water. It was when I turned around, that I saw her trying to get up. Propping herself up against the back of the bed. I walked over, setting the glass down on the headstand and grabbed behind her back and her shoulder to help.

Getting her all the way to sit up, leaning against the wall, I grabbed the glass once more and handed it to her.

Accusing me of getting a glass of water for her, she scooted back away from me. I reached closer to her with the glass, inclining my head. Her hand reached up slowly to grasp it, but it slipped and fell on the bed between us. She fussed over it trying to move away. I stopped her by grabbing her upper arm and shaking my head. Grabbing the glass and placing it on the nightstand again. I walked over to the sink and grabbed the hand towel.

Once walking back, I placed it on the spill and mopped it up. I once more filled the glass, this time with less water than half. As she reached for it, I pulled it back shaking my head. she understood why in her weak state I didn't let her. I moved tot he bed, and sat down. I moved the cup to her lips and with her hands on the glass as well, helped her to take a sip of water. I pulled back to reduce her from drinking too much and throwing it all back up.

Over the course of a few minutes it went like this. Letting her sip at the water. As I got up she tried to do so as well, but cried out in pain. Clutching her chest. I put the glass on the nightstand once more, and eased her down back into the bed. She was silent, but in pain as she moved down. I moved the sheets from her chest and started to remove the bandages when she grabbed my hands. Shaking her head. Not wanting me to see her exposed.

Gulping in air, I waited for a second as she pulled her hands away. As I barely touched the bandages, brown with dried blood, she hissed in pain. I shot my hands backwards in fear that I hurt her. Reaching in the nightstand, I grabbed a wooden stick wrapped in leather. We didn't have any meds to dull the pain at the moment, so the best that she could do was bite down. I handed it to her and she understood with a nod. Placing it in her mouth, and biting down in a secure spot, I reached down once more. Touching her bandage got a shudder from her. I then started to unravel the bandages. Pulling the back, I got down to the final layer with only a few hisses or shudders of pain. But the instant I touched the last layer, she made a muffled cry.

I stopped and looked up to her. I could see the fear and pain in her eyes. I nodded my head, and she did the same. With our silence continuing, I gingerly touched her bandage and slowly pealed it off. As it was connected to the fresh skin, I could hear a sickening sound of the bandage separating from the wound. She groaned into the bite the entire time. trying to let the pain subside. Fresh blood slowly seeped from the wound. Seeing scabbing along the sides of the wound, I looked to her. We would have to put fresh bandages on her, as well as sew the flesh together.

I finally spoke outloud. "You are not going to like this." She nodded her head. Seeing the wound for herself, she knew what needed to be done. Reaching into the nightstand. I pulled out a needle and thread.

Two hours later

The stitching was done. Using a lighter to euthanize the needle, I had sewn her up. As well, I put fresh bandages on her with antibiotics to try and clean up any infectious things in there. She had passed out after the third prick of the needle, so she felt little pain. Grabbing ice, a bag and a towel. I placed the towel over the bandages and with the ice in the bag, I lightly set down on her chest to cool down the inflammation.

She was peaceful now. sleeping. sitting down in the chair. I too, fell into a deep slumber.

(OOCNOTE: I had skipped a majority of the stitching for the purpose of keeping it more PG-13 feel. As well as not giving huge amounts of detail of the process as some may find it be a little sick to the stomach. )