Corporation Name: Paradigm Hypernautics
Former Names: Clan Kryze Shipyards, Titan Industries, Angamar Enterprises
Headquarters: Mandalore
Locations: Mandalore(Armour & Ships, Sales), Yaga Minor(Ships, Sales), Yavin IV(Ships, Sales), Illum(Weapons and Technology)
Operations: Ship building, Vehicle Manufacturing, Armor,Weapons, Technology,
Rationale: In order to try and restore some of Clan Kryze's influence, Titan founded a company on Concordia to produce ships and vehicles, as well as armor, for his clan and the galaxy at large. Then used contacts in Mandalorian Crusader space to set up shop on Yaga Minor. And proceeded to purchase land on Yavin IV.Meaning that his company now had quite a reach, the next step was funding and he acquired that through loans, now paid off, and personal funds.
Tier: Tier III
Description: Titan Industries is a semi-successful venture capable of producing a decent amount of ships a year. It plans on expanding to Concord Dawn in the near future. It will always be allied with Clan Kryze, where ever they go, and likes to move in fast, rather than gradually. TI has split its resources having two thirds go into normal ships and the rest of the supplies going towards custom and small-time produced ships. Rather than build facilities on many planets and take up space, it prefers to be in space. As the area is cheaper to expand to and it can move to different locations easier, as it can simply move the facilites rather than abandoning them. The company was originally known as Clan Kryze Shipyards, but when Clan Kryze's Alor returned to the Galaxy at large Titan changed the name according to the Alor's wishes. Titan was also able to "acquire" land on Illum when he went there with Undin Jaii. Titan then decided to sell off the company, it was purchased by the Witch King of Angamar, and then rebought by Titan roughly half a year later. As such Titan changed the name again, this time to Paradigm Hypernautics and continued his quest to expand the influence of Clan Kryze.
Parent Corporation: None
Primary Source: None